Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hobby update - High Elves and Templars

"Artists Paint Brushes adapted with Photoshop" by Si Griffiths.
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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on what has been on my workbench (ahem, "Kitchen Table") this month.

High Elf Ellyrion Reavers. (50% done)

Ellyrion Reaver

Ellyrion Reaver Champion

I've been continuing to beef up my High Elves, and thought a good project would be to knock out x10 Ellyrion Reavers. I thought they would be quick - what a mistake! For some reason these are taking ages! They are just very, very detailed, and quite challenging to paint once assembled (I received them this way).

I've got most of the basecoats down, so should be able to start on washes and highlights this week.

Mounted High Elf Prince/ Noble (30% done)

High Elf Noble (mounted)

As I have 8 Silver Helms painted up, I thought I should tackle this guy as he will add a fair amount of hitting power, and bring the unit up to nine (apparently taking them in a 3 x 3 formation works quite well.) Not sure if I will add a banner to him yet.

Black Templar Space Marines page update.

Noting that I hadn't updated the page for a while, I added pictures of the Stormtalon (I'd had the vehicle painted for a while, but stalled on the base until last week) and also two Whirlwinds I painted up a while ago. I think the page is up to date now.

Hopefully I'll have the High Elves done this week.


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