Sunday, March 1, 2015

Templars Ascendant!

I had the pleasure of a 1,500 point game of Warhammer 40K this weekend using 7th edition rules against my old enemy, the Tyranids. 

This was my second game using Black Templars (although I have been collecting them for a while) so it was fun to work through the new edition and use an army that plays so differently to my first army (Tau).
I found myself saying things for the very first time like:

(closely followed by "how do I do that?")
Info on the game, lists and some photos of key moments below!
We played the "Crusade mission" with the game layed out in "Hammer and Anvil" setup.
The game was called after a certain point due to a combination of time and what looked to be a bleak outlook for the Tyranids, but at that point, I was ahead on Victory Points, so technically, a Black Templars victory (but a very narrow one - just one point!)
My list was based on gracious advice from the Bolter and Chainsword website. I rarely play, so any mistakes in the list below are mine...

1,500 points Black Templars

Space Marine Captain (Artificer armour, Shield Eternal, Relic Blade, Melta Bomb)

+ Crusader Squad 1: x6 Neophytes (Space Marine Shotguns), x6 Initiates (CCW + Bolt Pistols), Sword Brother (CCW+BP) 
Land Raider Crusader (Multi Melta, cannon etc.)
+ Crusader Squad 2: x5 initiates, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Sword Brother (Combi-Weapon)
Razorback (Twin linked Las cannons)

+ Crusader Squad 2: x5 initiates, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun,
Sword Brother (Combi-Weapon)
Razorback (Twin linked Las cannons)

x5 Veteran Sternguard, all with Combi-Grav weapons.
Drop Pod (Storm bolter)

Fast Attack:
Stormtalon gunship (Twin linked cannon, Skyhammer missiles)

Heavy Support:
x2 Land Raider Whirlwind (Storm Bolters)


From looking at the image above, and my memories of the game, it was something along these lines:

1,500 points Tyranids

x1 Hive Tyrant (Warlord) - on foot.
x1 Flying Tyranid Monstrous Creature (another Tyrant?)
x3 Carnifexes (?)  (one with a cannon, one with claws, one with shooting weapons?)
x3 Zoanthropes (Psychers)

x17 Hormagaunts
x20 Termagants
x1 Brood Lord + x5 Genestealers.
x10 Genestealers.

Key moments:
Here are some images from the battle:
The Tyranid battle line. There are 3 objective markers on this side of the board.

The Sternguard drop pod arrives behind enemy lines - aiming to take out
their Warlord
A Broodlord and Genestealers wreak havoc in the Black Templar back lines

The Tyranids have their revenge on the Sternguard...

A Black Templars squad and captain charge in!

A desperate struggle for a Black Templars objective on the other flank
(MOAR Genestealers!)
Time permitting, I will write up a report, but in the meantime, some more shots of the Black Templar team:

A big thanks to my opponent for the very friendly game (a lot of my army is not "Wysiwyg"), his hospitality and good humour.


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