Sunday, February 9, 2014

Black Templars Drop Pod WIP #1

Hi all.

With the weekend came a chance to address the growing pile of Black Templars stuff I have acquired recently. After spending ages putting together a large group of Sternguard from the bits I got, I wanted to take a break from them, so instead turned to a Drop Pod.

For Christmas one of the ebay purchases I made was a set of half-finished Tacticals and a Drop Pod. I already have plenty of BT Crusaders, so the purchase was designed to get my first Drop Pod, as I'd like to have the option to create a distraction in my opponent's back field (a Dreadnought or Sternguard?).

Of course, 2 Pods would be better, but I have to start somewhere!

So how is it going? Photos below:

Original state, with (unfinished) Marine for scale
After adding some Grey (to make the white easier)

External doors - grey ready to receive white.


As you can see, I have got the base coats done now - they took a LOT longer than I thought. I also added some yellow warning lines, which was a nerve-wracking freehand attempt to add some colour (I didn't have masking tape, so added some lines using pencil as a guide, and then worked to those). 

Now the basecoats are done, I need to think about washes, highlights and weathering. TBH, not really sure how to weather those large white panels effectively (and easily) so all advice is welcome!

Right, off to play some Planetside 2 (which would make for an absolutely amazing WH40K muliplayer game IMHO...)



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