Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sternguard Update #1: The Squad Assembles...


Over the new year, various Sternguard bits and pieces arrived from eBay, and I finally got around to putting them together over the last week or so.

What a hassle!
Pretty fiddly to be honest, especially the hands and weapons...

After consulting the wisdom of the WH40K community on G+ about what loadout to take for these veteran warriors, I decided to do the following with the bits I had:

1.) Have x1 large squad of 10, armed mainly with special ammunition (rather than combi-weapons) and a heavy flamer or two.
2.) Have a smaller squad of x5, again with special ammunition.
3.) Keep the Grav weapons and other weapons for a later project to upgrade my Black Templars bikers.

Squad of 10 Black Templars Sternguard.

5 Sternguard veterans, most using regular SM lower bodies.

Unfortunately, although I had lots of weapon bits, I didn't have all the parts I needed...

...I didn't have enough special ammo bolters (even in my bits box), so I had to make some by taking some larger magazines from other weapons and add them to what normal bolters I had. I also took some scopes from some old bolt pistols...

Bolters with added special ammo magazines.
They didn't come out great, as you can see, but they shouldn't be too noticeable on the table.

I also didn't receive any heavy flamers, so I made my own by combining Heavy Bolter parts (I got lots of those!) with some flamer nozzles. They could do with a bit more care and TLC (fuel bottles added, some cutting of irrelevant parts like ejection ports etc.) but you can see them below:

(As you may have read in caption above, I was also short of Sternguard legs, so I broke up some junk Space Marines I had received in an earlier auction and added SG torsos, arms and parts.)

Tonight I added some texture to the bases, and over the weekend I will undercoat them!

Roll on the weekend...


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