Saturday, February 15, 2014

Black Templars Chaplain - Update

So I picked up a Black Templars Chaplain with jet pack a few months ago. He was already nicely painted, but I have had it on my mind to see if I couldn't do something additional for a while (when I pick up something already painted from eBay, I don't really feel it is mine until I have painted it - even if only a little bit.)

Tonight, I spent a while with some washes, colours and highlights. The changes are minimal, but he feels as though he is mine now!


...and after:

It is quite difficult to tell, but it involved:
a.) Grey/ blue edge highlights on the armour.
b.) Washes and highlighting on the cloth.
c.) Washes and Auric Gold highlights on ornaments and Crozius.
d.) Base. Sand, basecoat, wash and drybrushing.
e.) Metallic highlights/ wear on some edges.


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