Thursday, February 13, 2014

Black Templars Dreadnought WIP #1

Dreadnought under way!
Base colours.
A wash or two!

Ah, the Dreadnought...

A staple of the 40K universe, I have always felt that despite Dreadnoughts being a relatively minor part of the lore, they somehow have a hold on the reader that goes deeper than the Tactical Space Marine.
Entombed in a womb-like coffin when near death, they embody both the experience of the Space Marine and their fighting prowess. For me though, they have an almost tragic aspect. Proud warriors and mighty heroes laid low by their wounds, they are kept in a kind of undeath. Awakened only to lumber to war, or to provide advice based on their thousands of years of tactical or strategic experience, I imagine this almost to be a living hell for these once dynamic masters of the battlefield...

...but on to the WIP!

Another eBay acquisition, this Dreadnought came undercoated, with some metallic paints applied, a brown layer of paint on the base (and plenty of mould lines.)

I thought a Dreadnought might be a fairly quick win after completing my first Drop Pod, so yesterday I did some work on the basics

a.) Filed down some of the mould lines.
b.) Added base coats.
c.) Added a dark wash.

Here is where we are now (before and after a wash)

Base colours:

With washes:

(Nuln Oil on the body, Agrax Earthshade on the base)

Hopefully, I can get some drybrushing and a bit of highlighting done before the weekend!


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