Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Black Templars Drop Pod WIP #2 and Finished

Moved from washes to highlights, so we are done for now. My first ever drop pod is ready for the tabletop I reckon!

Weathering and washes:

I fixed up all the paint spatters that were on the shell of the pod following getting the base coats done, then attacked the main parts of the pod with washes (Badab Black). 

After that, (and spending a while drooling over the really nicely weathered pods you can see all over the net) I got down to the weathering. I decided to stick with the "Packing foam on a stick" approach as I had tried this before (with my Riptide).

You can see the results of the weathering and washed below. These are before highlights were applied.

I stayed mainly to the edges, but also had a go at the large flat surfaces of white too, hoping that this might break them up a bit. 

I wasn't entirely happy with the results, so I found myself hoping that a bit of drybrushing/ streaking would bring the whole pod up to my liking...

...and it did!


The drybrushing makes quite a difference on the ramp.

...and on the top edges or the ramps, really adding some wear...
Drybrushing on the main engine also made a lot of difference.
Interior, with restraint emergency release buckle in red.
Interior. Radar display in green in the middle.

Voila! One Black Templars Drop Pod!



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