Saturday, September 1, 2012

Return of the...TAU?

+System Reboot COMPLETE+
+Incoming Message+ 
+Incoming Message+

Well, you probably thought this blog was dead didn't you? 

TBH, you would have almost been right. I have now recognized that I contracted a bad case of painting exhaustion, perhaps brought on my too much sustained painting over time.
Skaven (in some numbers)
High Elves (the birthday secret surprise project)
...and Dust Warfare.

I am happy to say that I am starting to regain my interest in painting and modelling, thanks in large part to the return to the gaming table of my first interest (I hesitate to say "great love")...
...The Tau!

Reasons for my renewed interest:

1. The publication of 6th Edition Warhammer 40K has renewed my interest in modelling and wargaming in general (regardless of whether you like the system, the universe is an incredibly well-developed one.)

2. Many of the new rules make Tau a far more viable army than they had been in the previous edition (apparently). This includes some of my favorite models such as Firewarriors and Stealth Suits.

3. I already have a considerable size Tau army to go back to war with.

Several years ago when I got back into the hobby, I decided to collect a Tau army. I loved the design of the models, the unit types (mecha? carnivorous alien parrot warriors? giant hover tanks with massive railcannon?) and the  backstory of this young race struggling to establish itself amongst a galaxy of hostile, older civilizations.

Thanks to them being my first model painting in some (ahem) 20 years, I can't say that when I painted the Tau I did so with any great success. I didn't really know about washes, painting damage, edge highlighting or various other things, but I did love the colour scheme I chose!

As my copy of the latest rulebook is on order, I am going to take some time and get out my Tau and see whether I should give them a makeover using any of the techniques that I have tried with my Skaven (even if I haven't mastered them yet.) In the meantime, here are some pics of my cadre!


Crisis Suits


Stealth Suits

Kroot Hounds

Broadside Team Leader

Pathfinder Devilfish



Sniper Drone Team
Does all this mean that The Chattering Horde won't have any Skaven any more? Of course not!



  1. very nice lookin' tau.

    1. Thanks Zerixar! :-) Hope to actually use them more in battle soon and post some battle reports too!

  2. The white on the tanks looks super clean.


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