Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bargain with Chaossss!


I was sad to hear a couple of weeks ago of a friend deciding to move back to the States from Japan. One of the downsides to being a long-term resident of a country not your own is that seeing people you know and like leave is a bit of a downer - you know chances are slim that you will see them again...

...the upside however was that this friend decided to shift as much wargaming stuff as he could at a very reasonable price.

In light of 40K 6th edition coming out and my recent interest in Warhammer Fantasy armies I was naturally very interested in this particular collection. Here is what I picked up:

WARHAMMER 40K: Chaos Space Marines.

  • CSM Defiler (unassembled)
  • CSM Rhino (assembled and partially painted)
  • CSM Bikes x2 (assembled and unpainted)
  • CSM Khorne Berzerkers x8 (assembled and primed black)
  • CSM Basic troops x40 (9 heavy weapons, 6 special weapons, 25 basic guys) (assembled with a mix of unpainted, primed black and partially painted)
  • A CSM plastic bits grab bag. Enough to make 8-10 basic guys and spruce up vehicles.
Got to be honest, I have never necessarily been a huge Chaos fan - it is exactly the opposite ethos to the philosophy of my beloved Tau after all ("For the Greater...Bad!"?). 
However, with the 6th starter set including a Chaos army I thought I might be able to pickup that side of the starter kit at a later date. This would fill out the army with some leadership (Chaos Lord), manpower (Chosen), cannon fodder (Cultists) and a bit more close combat ooomph (Helbrute). Just one problem I already see is a distinct lack of vehicles in the stuff I picked up and the starter set stuff. That means a lot of footslogging...
...any remedy or recommended options for this issue? Any Chaos Space Marines players out there care to comment?


  • Old school Eldar grab bag (10 models all partially painted)
  • Tyranid Carnifex (assembled and partially painted. Arm sockets are magnetized)
  • Enough Tyranid bits to kit out the Carnifex with a bunch of different configurations.


If it wasn't Skaven that I chose for WFB, it probably would have been Tomb Kings. I like the back story and the fact that these guys are wordless, totally disciplined, and neutral!? 

  • Tomb Kings battalion box. (NIB) 
  • Tomb Kings Tombguard (NIB) 
  • Tomb Kings Screaming Skull Catapult x1 (metal, unassembled) 
  • Tomb Kings Necrotect x1 (NIB)
  • Tomb King x1 (Finecast)

WARHAMMER FANTASY: Chaos Warriors/ Orcs

  • Chaos Warriors Archaon (NIB)
  • Chaos Warriors Chosen x12 (metal, unassembled, unpainted)
  • Black orcs x4 (metal, unassembled, unpainted)

WARHAMMER FANTASY: Armybooks (current run)

  • Beastmen 
  • Warriors of Chaos


  • Plastic hills x2 (partially painted)
  • Warhammer fantasy tower (assembled and primed)
  • Warhammer fantasy temple (assembled and primed)
  • Warhammer 40K downed flyer terrain from the battle for Maccragge box (unassembled and unpainted)


2 big Bitz boxes of Fantasy and 40k bits!

To my gaming colleague and friend who is leaving: THANK YOU and SAFE TRAVELS!
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