Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bargain with Chaossss!


I was sad to hear a couple of weeks ago of a friend deciding to move back to the States from Japan. One of the downsides to being a long-term resident of a country not your own is that seeing people you know and like leave is a bit of a downer - you know chances are slim that you will see them again...

...the upside however was that this friend decided to shift as much wargaming stuff as he could at a very reasonable price.

In light of 40K 6th edition coming out and my recent interest in Warhammer Fantasy armies I was naturally very interested in this particular collection. Here is what I picked up:

WARHAMMER 40K: Chaos Space Marines.

  • CSM Defiler (unassembled)
  • CSM Rhino (assembled and partially painted)
  • CSM Bikes x2 (assembled and unpainted)
  • CSM Khorne Berzerkers x8 (assembled and primed black)
  • CSM Basic troops x40 (9 heavy weapons, 6 special weapons, 25 basic guys) (assembled with a mix of unpainted, primed black and partially painted)
  • A CSM plastic bits grab bag. Enough to make 8-10 basic guys and spruce up vehicles.
Got to be honest, I have never necessarily been a huge Chaos fan - it is exactly the opposite ethos to the philosophy of my beloved Tau after all ("For the Greater...Bad!"?). 
However, with the 6th starter set including a Chaos army I thought I might be able to pickup that side of the starter kit at a later date. This would fill out the army with some leadership (Chaos Lord), manpower (Chosen), cannon fodder (Cultists) and a bit more close combat ooomph (Helbrute). Just one problem I already see is a distinct lack of vehicles in the stuff I picked up and the starter set stuff. That means a lot of footslogging...
...any remedy or recommended options for this issue? Any Chaos Space Marines players out there care to comment?


  • Old school Eldar grab bag (10 models all partially painted)
  • Tyranid Carnifex (assembled and partially painted. Arm sockets are magnetized)
  • Enough Tyranid bits to kit out the Carnifex with a bunch of different configurations.


If it wasn't Skaven that I chose for WFB, it probably would have been Tomb Kings. I like the back story and the fact that these guys are wordless, totally disciplined, and neutral!? 

  • Tomb Kings battalion box. (NIB) 
  • Tomb Kings Tombguard (NIB) 
  • Tomb Kings Screaming Skull Catapult x1 (metal, unassembled) 
  • Tomb Kings Necrotect x1 (NIB)
  • Tomb King x1 (Finecast)

WARHAMMER FANTASY: Chaos Warriors/ Orcs

  • Chaos Warriors Archaon (NIB)
  • Chaos Warriors Chosen x12 (metal, unassembled, unpainted)
  • Black orcs x4 (metal, unassembled, unpainted)

WARHAMMER FANTASY: Armybooks (current run)

  • Beastmen 
  • Warriors of Chaos


  • Plastic hills x2 (partially painted)
  • Warhammer fantasy tower (assembled and primed)
  • Warhammer fantasy temple (assembled and primed)
  • Warhammer 40K downed flyer terrain from the battle for Maccragge box (unassembled and unpainted)


2 big Bitz boxes of Fantasy and 40k bits!

To my gaming colleague and friend who is leaving: THANK YOU and SAFE TRAVELS!


  1. Bummer about your friend, but what an excellent score.

    1. Yeah. On the plus side, will be raising a few jars in his honour with mutual friends in Tokyo later this week!
      ...and yeah, an excellent score. OK, some secondhand and not NIB, so maybe shouldn't be compared to prices for brand new items. BUT the way I look at it half the assembly is done and they are undercoated, which makes them even more of a bargain!
      Very Happy!


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