Sunday, September 23, 2012

Citadel Paints "Sortable" Conversion Chart

Copyright Games Workshop


So, as I still use the "old" Citadel Paints in my cupboard, when I publish a painting guide I refer to those, but at the same time include a link to the conversion chart published by Games Workshop (which can be found here.)

The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that providing just a link wasn't very friendly. The actual chart itself (while great!) is quite difficult to navigate (at least it was for me). The reader has to look at what colour I used, then scan the chart for the right equivalent.

So, please find below a simple alphabetical list of all the old colours with the new colours. It isn't pretty (I've never embedded a Google Doc before), but I think it should help.


1.) This is just conversion for the "Old" paints, not a full list of the new range.
2.) Games Workshop freely admits that the new colours don't exactly match the old ones.
3.) To view the fully sortable spreadsheet, click HERE 

(Right click on column heading A, B, or C, then choose "Sort"). This will help you...
...sort by a "Family" of colours (my groupings, so logical to me at least!)
...sort by the NEW colours so you can see the old equivalents. 
Hope this is of use to someone!



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