Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chaos is here!

Well, following my last post about the haul of Chaos Space Marines I recently laid my hands on, it was just today that I received an email from Games Workshop Japan announcing the new Chaos Space Marine Codex and models!

My initial reaction was a definite mix of excitement and disappointment.

Excitement - Look, Chaos Space Marines are Great looking regular infantry (from the previous edition too), especially when adding in the recent Dark Vengeance models.
Check out these guys:

Chaos Marines:

Copyright Games Workshop
Warp Talons:
Copyright Games Workshop
Aspiring Champion
Copyright Games Workshop
Then disappointment: (1)
Flying metallic dragons??
Copyright Games Workshop
Copyright Games Workshop
Yeah, the "Heldrake". 
I could live with a version of an existing Space Marine flyer, because that would be in keeping with the current way that CSM vehicles are warped versions of SM vehicles. You know, the ones they probably would have had in the chapter vehicle pool when they "turned"...
No doubt there is a decent back story connection  ("It came from the depths of Chaos") or something, but it just seems a bit too far out there for me. 

Disappointment (2):
Armoured Dinosaurs???

Oops, wrong image. Here they are:


Yeah, the "Forgefiend/ Maulerfiend".

So on the one hand there are REALLY nice models for certain units (Warp Talons) and on the other hand, plenty of "Meh" (at least for me). The Heldrake for example just doesn't seem "right".  Now, I KNOW that this is a game set in the far future, so anything is possible, but somehow it doesn't work for me. I THINK the reason is that I was hoping for more military vehicles and that kind of tech, rather than this kind of stuff, (which I grant you is well posed and detailed!)

I think it might be worth "Chaosifying" (spikes, skulls, icons) the Forgeworld Storm Eagle instead of using the Heldrake...
Copyright Forgeworld.
What do you think of the new models?


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