Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Chaos in CHAOS! Help!


In a recent post I described an awesome discount haul of GW stuff from a gaming friend who is leaving Japan. Over the last couple of days I have had a chance to look in more detail.

Below are images of the Chaos Space Marine units that were mainly assembled. There was also a ton of bitz and lots of Warhammer and fantasy terrain. I am pretty excited to get a new 40K army, but can anyone help me:

  1. identify the units?
  2. give me some idea of how I should group the units? (Especially the 35 CSM models!)
  3. tell me what I should invest in to make this a playable "fun" army in a casual gaming group of friends? (where "counts as" is probably fine.)

I don't have the Chaos SM Codex (I will wait for the new one) so any advice on rough points would also be great! I have numbered the pics below. (Sorry they aren't better - taken at night...)

1.) Army (Assembled)

2.) Troops

x10 CSM
x10 CSM
x10 CSM
x5 CSM (made from various SM and CSM bits cobbled together)

Each unit has a flamer, Plasma or other heavier weapon - or two.

x1 Rhino (Dozer Blade available.)
x8 Khorne Berzerkers?

3.) Heavy Support

x5 Havocs

x4 Havocs

x1 Defiler (all the trimmings available)

4.) Fast Attack

x2 CSM Bikes

5.) HQ/ Command?

x1 Captain?
x1 Sergeant?

In my cupboard I also found a Fantasy Khorne Juggernaut with rider. He has no head or arms, so presumably I could swap in some CSM bits and use him?

Finally, I have the following:

x3 CSM Terminators (no arms or heads)

x1 WFB Khorne Champion? Convert to HQ?

Can anyone help with how I could turn this into an army, approximately what points it would be, and what I could add at low cost to add some more "Bang" or flexibility?
e.g. CSM Rhinos?

Cheers and thanks for any advice!

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