Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Chaos in CHAOS! Help!


In a recent post I described an awesome discount haul of GW stuff from a gaming friend who is leaving Japan. Over the last couple of days I have had a chance to look in more detail.

Below are images of the Chaos Space Marine units that were mainly assembled. There was also a ton of bitz and lots of Warhammer and fantasy terrain. I am pretty excited to get a new 40K army, but can anyone help me:

  1. identify the units?
  2. give me some idea of how I should group the units? (Especially the 35 CSM models!)
  3. tell me what I should invest in to make this a playable "fun" army in a casual gaming group of friends? (where "counts as" is probably fine.)

I don't have the Chaos SM Codex (I will wait for the new one) so any advice on rough points would also be great! I have numbered the pics below. (Sorry they aren't better - taken at night...)

1.) Army (Assembled)

2.) Troops

x10 CSM
x10 CSM
x10 CSM
x5 CSM (made from various SM and CSM bits cobbled together)

Each unit has a flamer, Plasma or other heavier weapon - or two.

x1 Rhino (Dozer Blade available.)
x8 Khorne Berzerkers?

3.) Heavy Support

x5 Havocs

x4 Havocs

x1 Defiler (all the trimmings available)

4.) Fast Attack

x2 CSM Bikes

5.) HQ/ Command?

x1 Captain?
x1 Sergeant?

In my cupboard I also found a Fantasy Khorne Juggernaut with rider. He has no head or arms, so presumably I could swap in some CSM bits and use him?

Finally, I have the following:

x3 CSM Terminators (no arms or heads)

x1 WFB Khorne Champion? Convert to HQ?

Can anyone help with how I could turn this into an army, approximately what points it would be, and what I could add at low cost to add some more "Bang" or flexibility?
e.g. CSM Rhinos?

Cheers and thanks for any advice!



  1. Its hard to say because the new codex for the chaos space marines is due out at the end of the month, but the defiler is a brilliant heavy support choice. Deamon princes can make a good cheap HQ. As for troops nurgle marines are really tough and good for holding objectives, you could convert some standard chaos space marines with some green stuff. also you could convert the body of the terminators into oblitorators. Hope that helps, like I say the new codex is due so maybe wait for that.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I think you are right about waiting (especially given some of the strange units in the latest White Dwarf images that are popping up on the net the last couple of days!)

  2. Well I can tell you that yes, those are khorne berserkers. Otherwise I'm kind of in a similar boat to you, I have a lot of chaos from when I was younger and I don't really know what goes where these days. From what I hear the new Chaos Codex is imminent (Oct 6th?) so I'm going to wait for that. Hopefully once I've read it everything will fall into place. Any idea what legion/warband you're going to paint them as? Or maybe invent your own?

    1. Thanks for the information. DEFINITELY going to do my own, if only because I have such a mix of models in my haul! I like some of the chapters that are official, but in all my armies to date (WH40K or WFB) I have gone outside the stock army colours + I enjoy the freedom to make up my own fluff and names.

  3. New CSM Codex dropping in only a few weeks, so deciding what other units to invest in is a bit dicey. There are a number of brand new units being released, flyers are a big thing now, etc etc.

    It looks like you have roughly 1500 or so points with what you have as of now, though some (like the bikes) may not be very useful (again depending on the new codex, but two bikes still won't do much. You could always sell them, Chaos bikes seem to do well on eBay.)

    Terms are always great, probably in a group of five. CSM you can run anywhere from 7-10 usually, probably favoring the plasmagun and dropping the flamer. Depending on your playstyle or new Codex options, you may want transports. Your Khorne Juggy could always be a Khorne HQ on a Juggernaut, assuming that's still an option in the new book, or part of a Demons ally group.

    As of 5th edition Codex, I think you'd really have to look at Obliterators as your other Heavy option. Groups of 3, able to use either a lascannon, plasma, multi-melta, flamer in any given round, plus a power fist. Were one of the best units in 40k in 5th, we'll see how they pan out in the new book. Pricy though, consider they come in threes and you may want 6, so I'd look at used models or stand-ins.
    Also bear in mind that the Dark Vengeance set is available piecemeal on eBay, and very, very nice models are going for so much cheaper than I expected. The Chaos Lord, Cultists for objective babysitting, Chosen, and the Hellbrute are all gorgeous models that might really come in handy at a reasonable price.

    In conclusion, Defilers are so cool.

    1. Great info masterofthehunt - appreciate it! I feel a need to pick up a vehicle or two as all this footslogging is making me nervous. Also, I had heard that obliterators were good, but thought that with 9 Havocs maybe I didn't need them. Your comment adds to the weight of evidence that I should pick some up though.
      The Dark Vengeance stuff IS nice. I'm hoping that a buddy will sell me his CSM stuff when his set arrives but if not ebay awaits!
      Thanks again for the help.

    2. Also, note that after I posted that, I saw amongst the new units that they're also releasing new Oblit models that are geared for close combat. I also didn't mention in my other post that they are also deep strikers, adding to the value of that multi-melta or plasma capability. Havocs may improve if they get anti-air, and I know you already have a bunch of them, but the Oblits are generally a better option. In a friendly enviroment, Havocs may do enough, though.

      I know you're in Japan so not sure how the pricing is shaking out, but I'd say on average, Chaos Lord is going for about $7, Chosen squads (5), Cultists (10) and Hellbrutes for about $15. For the quality of the minis its a great value.


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