Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skaven Army update.


Due to the responsibilities that come with being immersed in  Real Life 2.0 I haven't done any painting this week. With that in mind, I thought I would take a moment to simply put down how far I have progressed with painting my Skaven army - and to ask for your help!

Below is a visual thumbnail guide to my units painted so far. Can you tell me roughly how many points this it, and what I should paint next? If I had to fight a battle in one week from now and I needed to have a legal army on the table, what size of battle (points) would I be able to play? What do I need to do/ paint to get a game?

At the bottom is a list of units I have that I haven't painted yet...

Units painted so far:
x40 Clanrats with Full command  

x40 Clanrats with Full command 

30 Skaven Slaves

30 Plague Monks with full command  

x1 Plague Priest

x2 Rat Ogres 

x12 Giant Rats 
x2 Rat Swarms 

x1 Doomwheel
x1 Warplightning cannon
x1 Jezzail 
x1 Chieftain

Units unpainted:

x20 Stormvermin
x1 Greyseer
x2 Island of Blood Warlords
x40 Island of Blood Clanrats
x30 Plague Monks
x30 Skaven Slaves
x1Plague Furnace
x4 Handlers

On the one hand I feel like I have painted a fair amount so far, on the other thinking about all those unpainted models gives me a headache!

Now, I know that I can't field Rat Ogres or Giant Rats without handlers, so I have to paint them. But what would YOU paint next and why?



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