Monday, October 11, 2010

Skaven Packmasters and Master Moulder


Quick update with the models I got done today - below are some photos of my first ever Clan Moulder Packmasters and a Master Moulder (with "Thing Catcher"). I also managed to quickly get another couple of Rat Swarm bases sorted out. (I love painting Rat Swarms...hordes of swarming rats just being such an iconic image of a Skaven army on the march!)

Sorry about the picture quality. The photos were taken late night in poor lighting.

Hopefully I'll soon find time to take a few pics in natural light and with a better background, which helps make them look a little better. Don't know when I'll have time to write up a step-by-step for the Packmasters though. I've done Rat Swarms before if anyone would like a step-by-step for them.

In the meantime, all comments and criticism welcome of course!



  1. I really like the green coloration. Do you feel like Skaven should all have similar color robes or do you like having a mixture? Right now I'm trying to achieve separation between my slave and clanrat units although they are all IoB models. My stormvermin have red robes and I was thinking about carrying the red over to my other models. I do like the mixture you have in your clanrats though.

    Which would look better do you think?

  2. Glad you like the green! I was undecided when I put the first coat on - I was worried they looked like "Robin Hood's Merry Men"!
    Regarding colours, I think that the key thing is to have your army's unifying colour in MOST units, but in different amounts/ density depending whether it is a core or allied unit.
    E.g. In my case my army colour is blue.
    For CORE troops I would make it a major part of the robes, but not overdo it. For variation on the clanrats you can see I have my army's blue theme on the hood, or robe, but for the most part not both.
    For ALLIED units it would be a small amount of blue - a blue piece of cloth or straps, bracelet etc on infantry. (This works on a "Fluff" level too as even Clan Skryre units might have a touch of the warlord's colour on them to signify who is paying their wages etc and so they can be identified on the battlefield.) In modelling terms I tried this on the loincloths of my Rat Ogres and on the flag of my Doomwheel and I think it works. I DIDN'T do it on the Packmasters or Plague Monks - mainly because I forgot...
    ...but as it now happens I think of all the units that wouldn't use an army colour, PMs are it - they are just not concerned about that kind of thing (too high to worry about it from the censer fumes???)

    On thing that I think works well is to lightly drybrush a Skaven symbol in your clan colour on 10-20% or so of the shields in a unit. This is an easy way to add to the unifying theme while avoiding doing all the robes in the same colour.

    Finally, Storm Vermin are an interesting unit for colour. If you take a look in the Army book, some examples have armour plates in an army colour, others have black armour with coloured robes. In either case I think Storm Vermin are an iconic, central unit for Skaven (even if they are less popular in 8th edition?) so they deserve the boldest approach. If you like red as an army colour, go for it, but with the other units, perhaps don't feel the need to use as MUCH red as you would on the could vary the amount as suggested above.
    Just my two cents but I hope it is useful!

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking dark brown vests/leather smocks for the slaves and clanrats. I'll use reds on the hoods and the tatters hanging from their waists.

    I also like Khaki, a lot.

  4. Sounds good - definitely share a few pics when you have some!

  5. What would be a good medium for me to do so?

    Also, I'll say up front that my paint jobs aren't as nice as yours are. But it is good to get a community going I guess. Different color schemes to give people ideas, I suppose.


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