Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tau Riptide WIP #1


As some people may know, as well as being into WFB and Skaven, I also have an interest in WH40K. In fact, I got back into 40K before WFB, with my army of choice being Tau (mainly for the design aethetic).

A couple of weeks ago, I made a dive into GW Tokyo HQ to take a look at the new Tau models, and walked out with the new Codex, a Riptide, Cadre Fireblade and Longstrike.

Although the pace is slow (work, life etc.) I finally got around to starting on these. Some photos and initial impressions below.

In this first set, it quickly became obvious when positioning the model that the huge base is a great chance to do something interesting. In fact, it needs something interesting, because it will just look too bare with flock, grass etc. So, after playing around, I decided to add a couple of Firewarriors in cover, as well as a crashed Drone. The theme is "Defence", or "Taking Cover". This comes from the Riptide entry in the Codex, which I think refers to the constant training that takes place with Riptide units so Tau troops are comfortable with their presence. As you can see here they are in close proximity (possible danger of being stepped-on!)

Lower torso.

Marking the position of the units so I can come back later!

After that, I got out the Skull White undercoat and had a go the other night, so here is where I am at the moment. I have included a Space Marine for scale:

I must say that I have grown to like this model. I have to also say that I think it looks a bit better than the new Eldar walker (which I think kind of looks even gawkier than the Riptide.

Why have I grown to like it?

  1. Lots of bits in the box - weapons etc. (Nice missile pods by the way!)
  2. Good detail on the model.
  3. Scale is actually pretty good.
  4. Design fits in nicely with the Tau aesthetic.
  5. Easy to convert so you can move limbs etc. (manual encourages you to by showing you which bits to cut-off to allow that easily)
More updates in the future on this, the Fireblade Cadre, and Longstrike!



  1. Hi - a kindred spirit: I'm also married, kids, mortgage and back into gaming (admittedly for a few years now) after a long break.

    I have a Tau force all in boxes which I've not gotten around to starting work on yet. Partially because I have loads of other things to work on, but partially because whilst I live the vehicles, kroot and fire warriors, I really dislike the big battle suit models.

    I'll be watching your blog for some motivation! Good luck.

    1. Thanks for posting! I made a bit of progress so should have an update posted this weekend...



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