Friday, May 17, 2013

Battle Report Skaven v. Dwarf & Empire


Hmmm. I think I should actually call this a "Battle Overview", rather than a battle "report", because the latter would mean a lot of detail...

Anyway, 2,500 points of Skaven took on 1,000 points of Empire and 1,500 points of Dwarves. Both I and the Dwarf general are fairly inexperienced, whereas the Empire general has quite a lot of experience at WFB, but this was his first time out of the gate with an Empire army. Both opponents were great fun during the game, and I learned a lot!

Today, army lists. First up, the dwarves.


Lords (318pts)

x1 Runelord (318pts). General, Gromril Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield 

x1 Anvil Of Doom (175pts) and Anvil Guard x2

Heroes (67pts)

x1 Thane (67pts)Gromril Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield

Core (420pts)

  • x24 Dwarf Warriors (265pts) Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour and Full Command
  • x10 Quarrellers (155pts) Crossbow, Hand Weapon, Light Armour and Full Command

Special (575pts)

  • x1Cannon (125pts) Rune Of Forging and x3 crew
  • x20 Ironbreakers (315pts) Gromril Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield and Full Command (Standard Bearer)
  • Miners (135pts) with Full command

Rare (120pts)

  • Organ Gun (120pts) + 3 crew


Empire (1,000 pt)  

Full roster can be found here, or here is a summary:

Archlector (General), with Enchanted Shield + Luckstone

Captain (BSB), Wizard Level 1. Iron Curse icon, Charmed Shield and Dispel Scroll

X33 Halbediers (Full Command)

x20 Greatswords (Full Command with Gleaming Banner)
x3 Demigryph Knights (Full Command with Flaming Banner)


Skaven: 2,500

Lords: (495)
Grey Seer (495 pts) + Screaming Bell, Earthing Rod, Skalm

Heroes: (311)
Chieftain (122 pts) (Battle Standard Bearer),  Shield and Storm Banner
Warlock Engineer (45 pts) + Doomrocket 
Plague Priest (144 pts) Lvl 2 Wizard, Flail and Ironcurse Icon

Core: (638)
x35 Clanrats (217 pts) Musician, Standard Bearer, Poisoned Wind Mortar
x35 Clanrats (217 pts) Musician, Standard Bearer, Poisoned Wind Mortar 

x50 Skavenslaves (102 pts) + Musician
x50 Skavenslaves (102 pts) + Musician

x5 Giant Rats (23 pts) and Packmaster, 
x5 Giant Rats (23 pts) and Packmaster, 

Special: (520)
x7 Gutter Runners (126 pts) - Slings and Poisoned attacks
x8 Gutter Runners (144 pts) - Slings and Poisoned attacks

x30 Plague Monks (250 pts) Standard Bearer + Plague Banner, 30 pts

Rare: (490)
x1Warp Lightning Cannon (90 pts)
x1 Hell Pit Abomination (250 pts) + Warpstone Spikes
x1 Doomwheel (150 pts)


So, from looking at these two lists, and playing against Empire and Dwarves for the first time, here are few things that I learned (and we will encounter again in future posts about this battle)...
  • Death magic - Spirit Leech is a b*+stard! :-)  Character-sniping death magic is pretty scarey stuff! My opponent tried it on my Grey Seer once (but I think decided to go easy on me after that by not trying it again.)
  • Dwarf Organ Gun - bad news! This thing automatically hits anything within range (24 inches)
  • Don't forget that the Hell Pit and Doomwheel have "Terror" -so enemy units in CC need to take a leadership test in each round of CC (I think?)
  • 2,500 points of Skaven is a fair load of bodies. Think carefully at setup about positioning! In this game my Plague Monks didn't work well as I was too slow getting them into combat (held up by other units out front.) Watch out for traffic jams!
  • Skaven magic can be easily shut down by a combined enemy force that includes a Dwarf contingent with  Anvil of Doom (The opponents get x3 extra dispel dice?!)
  • Doomrocket = Skaven fun!
  • Dwarf cannon = v. bad news (you'll find out more next post!)
To whet your appetite for my next post (Deployment and early game turns), here are some deployment photos!

Until next time!



  1. Agreed, the anvil is annoying. Last I played, it took 15 gutterrunners (the death runner even had weeping blade) and an assassin with dwarfbane to kill the runelord and guards. That really freed up my greyseer to go into over kill. Also I think the anvil gives 2 extra dice, but if the Dwarves Also had banneed of balance that allows them take one of your power dice and add it to their dispel pool. AND they get +2 to their totals. That's why I always pray for IF and to the abyss with the consequences. But that's why I always have him on his own and try and hide from the cannon!

  2. Thanks for the info Henry. Good to know that it isn't just me who hates that thing!
    Interesting that you keep your Seer independent, ever had any bad luck with that? I can't help but think he would be taken out fairly easily, how do you keep him alive?


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