Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tau Riptide WIP Update #2


The Riptide is slowly coming along! 

With work and various other things this week I haven't really had time to work on it in the evenings, and this weekend is looking pretty unlikely too... 
...however I did manage to get the main basecoats down on the body.

Here are some shots, with one of my Firewarriors to give you a sense of scale:

One thing I am fairly relieved about is that I decided to take a colour and application scheme similar to my Fire Warriors/ Hammerhead tanks, rather than my Crisis Suits (you can see both on my Tau page here). Having said that, white being the majority colour could be a bit of a problem!

Right now it is really "fresh", and it will need some weathering to avoid the "from the factory" look. My Tau army was the first that I painted, and I didn't use washes etc. at the time, nor was I bold enough to try weathering, so this will be my first attempt! Thanks to a good lead from a G+ wargamer though, I think this excellent video will help!

Before I get to that stage though, I still have to work on all the weapons and wargear and the base etc. Still lots to do!



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