Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tau Riptide WIP Update #3


Slooooowly, slowly coming along! 

Yesterday evening I decided to move on to the weapons and other attachments for the riptide, including the main Ion weapon, missile drones, and missile pods.

Most of the work was getting basecoats on the Ion accelerator, but I also managed to get a few colours on the drones, and some layers of Ceramite White on everything (as well as on Longshot).

I used some Blu-Tac to hold the arms and weapons in place for the photos. I still can't decide exactly what position I want them in! I guess once I have the base finished and done then gluing the arms will be the last thing I do so that I can see how it all works with the Firewarriors that I am planning to add to the base.



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