Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whirling death!

"Ahh, what is that noise? A scraping, squeeking, high-pitched whine, interspersed with occasional screams?

It can only be the sound of unwilling slaves being forced into the path of an oncoming Doom-Flayer (one naturally has to test every item on loan from Clan Skryre - for could not my many rivals bribe my suppliers into giving me dodgy equipment?) 
Fortunately, my unwilling subjects being sliced and diced into fleshy cubes makes the remains of this experiment even more edible, ensuring my clan's tunnels are quickly gnawed clean by my servants
 (bar the odd piece of cloth and offal...which surely adds atmosphere to my burrow)."

Copyright Games Workshop.
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The Doom-Flayer has a couple of things going for it:
1. A very characterful addition to a Skaven army.
2. Quite a nice model (now available as Finecast)
3. A decent number of attacks - if you are lucky. (Artillery dice at strength 4)
4. Decent front armour? (3+)
5. Cheap (55 points)

On the other hand...
1. Shockingly poor survivability. (1 wound? ONE WOUND!)
2. Only as tough as a man-thing. (T3?)
3. Terribly vulnerable to the side and rear. (5+ to the rear)

Depending on what you read, the "Skaven Segway" can be useful when used as a hammer unit against a low-toughness opponent who is already engaged with your Clanrats or Stormvermin - or a complete failure! Having never used one, I can't make any recommendations except to say that the advice of keeping it close to it's parent unit makes sense. (As a weapons team, it benefits from a 4+ ward save against shooting.)

I've got hold of a couple of these (metal, not Finecast), so will post photos when done!





  1. Sales-rat Kratch Gutklaw from Clan Skyre says "One-one not enough, needs two-many. Matching pair yes yes. To you great bargain, no warp tokens downs, easy repayments".

    Haven't got one yet for my rabid rodents either, but it's on the list, oh yes-yes.

  2. Fancy one for my Plaguevermin (Stormvermin) but i went with a Warpfire in the end :-/

    - Chico (

  3. I am getting one or two of these spinny rats for my collection, I'll definitely give them a try even if common internet wisdom suggests they are not worth it. Gorgeous model tho!

  4. Been away for a while, so haven't commented. So far though, no-one has said if they find these guys useful on the field of battle! I have read in the underempire forums of some successful games with them, but general consensus is that the other weapon-teams are more effective.
    Still, really "characterful" and fun IMHO!

  5. Is this blog dead? :-(
    Haven't seen any updates for a long time...

  6. Hello! Not sure if this is the best way to contact you, but I notice you are located in Tokyo? I am as well, and am looking to make contact with more gamers.

  7. @Rob.
    Thanks for visiting! Sorry that I didn't reply sooner. A good place to start for contacting Gamers is West Tokyo Wargamers. (You can find a link to their blog in my "List of Links" on the right hand side of this page.) They mainly play board games at their meetings, but also have wargamers too.
    Another good place to start is JIGG (Japan International Gamer's Guild) You can find them on Yahoo Groups ( possibly Facebook.
    Hope that helps!

  8. @anonymous.
    Sorry to have been away! I'm back now, and hope to keep things updated! Hope to see you again here. Cheers,

  9. @Squeek: Ha! You are back. Good news then. Luckily I had not yet erased the bookmark from my webserver and I just saw that you posted a new entry. Great news! I really enjoy reading your post. ;-)

  10. ...and I will hopefully post many more in the months and days to come! Thanks for visiting!


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