Monday, October 10, 2011

Rat-men alternatives?


After finishing-up my Plagueclaw Catapult/ Warplightning Cannon and adding it to my Warlord Army list, I'm thinking about what path to take next and have settled on one of the following:

  • Another 10 Plague Monks to boost my unit up to a more respectable (more deadly) x40.
  • A unit of 20 Stormvermin.
  • A couple of Master Moulders.
  • A Warp Grinder (to go with my Gutter Runners.)
  • Scar-Scath (to use as an alternative Vermin Lord)
Any ideas or recommendations? (A few people have asked me to do the Stormvermin before, so I might go with that.)

In the "Other random thoughts and machinations dept." (the darkest tunnel to the left of my burrow) I have been thinking about alternative models that have recently taken my fancy. This isn't because I don't like the GW Skaven (I do) If you are like me you may want to consider alternative models for a couple of several reasons:
a.) Spice up your ranks with something unusual as a talking point to your army.
b.) Take a break from painting the same models.
c.) Introduce sculpts that have an alternative back-story.
A word to the wise: Before investing your warptokens (dollars, pounds or otherwise) always checkout the sizes of non-GW models carefully before purchasing. Think about whether they will be suitable complements to your army in terms of size. Also, if the model will be adding any rules to your force that are outside a Warhammer Army Book, then definitely check first with your opponent for permission to field that unit or model. 
(Yes, I know Warhammer Forge is part of GW, but even so...)

Here are some rat-men themed models that recently caught my attention:

Please visit: Warhammer Forge for more information
Please visit: Warhammer Forge for more information
To anyone who has been looking for a decent alternative mount for a warlord this beauty (?) has to take the cake! If you are like me and you haven't scratch-built or converted anything to use as a Bonebreaker Rat-Ogre or Warlitter and your Warlord still has to unceremoniously trudge into battle, this could be just the thing (if you have many warp-tokens that is...)

While many Skaven players overall seem to prefer a Warlitter  to a monstrous creature, this would undeniably have impact on a gaming table, as well as the ranks of your enemies!

I haven't checked out the rules, but something to remember may be that if this is a monstrous creature (and surely it is) it can't join units, so would be a pretty good target to be cannon-sniped by an opponent. Also, as a Forgeworld item you would usually ask your opponent's permission to field this.

Please visit BaneLords for more information
Please visit BaneLords for more information
This awesome looking standard bearer definitely brings something different to the table in terms of rat-men aesthetics. (If there is such a thing). As Pete Dunn over at the excellent Fields of Blood points out, Quick-Blade brings a more brutish, hulking look to your army (btw nice paint job Pete!)
I am a big fan of the BaneBeasts and BaneLords sculpts having purchased Scar-Scath from them. 
(Lizard-man/ Slann Player? Check out Keirioc-Cro...)

Avatars of War Vermin Clan Lord
Please visit Avatars of War for more information

The Vermin Lord has a small range of weapon/ arm variations. He reminds me of Queek with those banner poles, although (thankfully) not quite as extreme in terms of "attachments"! 
I hadn't heard of Avatars of War until recently, but you can see that they have a great looking selection of lords and heroes for a variety of fantasy races, as well as units for some of them. Based in Spain, they have developed a system for miniatures battles using cards and only 5 or so minis per side (Find out more about Arena Deathmatch here)

Choices, choices! When I do get to play it is usually with a small, casual group of friends, so I don't think there would be any problems in fielding these models. The only problems (as usual) are warptokens and time!

Comments of course welcome.



  1. I've also got the Vermin Clan Lord on his way. I intend using him as a champ in my Clanrats.

    Thanks for the comments on my Quickblade. I'm halfway through the FW Vermin Lord

  2. Hi Pete. "I've also got the Vermin Clan Lord on his way" crikey, you HAVE been bitten by the rat-men bug!
    Thanks for checking out my post. When you have time (no rush!) any info you might have on how Quickblade and the Vermin Clan Lord look (for scale) next to a Fields of Blood Clan rat would be great.
    Can't wait to see that FW Vermin Lord!

  3. cool the avatars of war vermin lord rocks!!
    gonna have one right now!!

  4. Im going to have the Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror as the general of my Skaven horde. Such an awesome looking model.

  5. My Warlord on Brood Horror arrived Wednesday. Beautiful piece, and will be leading my hordes forwards once it's painted up. Couple of small gaps between legs and the body (which is a massive single piece of resin); and the head of the warlord is simply weird.
    But I'd recommend it if you want a great centre-piece and a painting challenge.


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