Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finished Plagueclaw Catapult/ Warplightning cannon!


"Elf-things (and other low toughness enemies..) BEWARE!!
Today a new era of long-distance fetid death-dealing mechanical dominance begins! Yes,yes. Behold, a simple process has given us the dual-use Plagueclaw catapult/ Warplightning cannon conversion!

As yet untested in battle (although tested on slaves) this wonder saves many-much warptokens for any warlord AND requires no warlock-like engineering skillz or dark artz to assemble..."

Now all I need is a suitably Skaven-like name!
-Plaguelightning dispenser?
-Plaguelighting cannon?
-Warpclaw scatterpult?
-Clawlightning hurler?
Fellow children of the Horned God can you help me choose a name??

Ideas and comments below please after some more pictures...

Some of the things that I tried here and found challenging:
-Blue lenses on the crew's range-finder/ binoculars.
-A glow of warpstone on the metal around the warpstone core.
-The gunk of the plagueclaw's horrible payload!



  1. Looking good.
    I think "Plague Lightning wagon" has a nice ring to it.

  2. "Wagon" has a good ring to it...and very appropriate too!

  3. heyy !! is cool! yeah i think the word "wagon" really suits it...
    waiting for the report about using it on war :)

  4. I did a simular thing except mine uses magnets to remove the Cannon and stick on the Claw and warpstone chunk.

    Kind of regret doing it though since I have never ever used the catapult :D

  5. Thanks all!
    @anonymous I think magnets would be a good way to do it but I just never have had any luck with them! (and I didn't have any to hand.)
    It looks like once again I have made things harder for myself...but nevermind, it is the Skaven way.

  6. All Hail he who has saved us £20.

  7. ...and all HAIL those who are kind enough to read my ramblings and post encouragement!

  8. Great idea, wish I'd thought of it before spending 3 days magnetising the kit. Works fine, but the cannon's at a slight angle that's annoying. Your design looks much better.

    Great paint scheme too.

  9. You are very welcome! I have never had much luck with magnetization. For one thing, getting hold of them isn't easy where I am, forcing me to look at other ways of doing things.
    Thanks also re: the paint scheme - much appreciated.


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