Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Warpfire Thrower and Skaven Jezzail Update


Just a quick photo update today...
...an "old style" Skaven Warpfire Thrower that I finished today...
...a completed unit of Jezzails. (You may know that one of the earliest posts I did was for a Jezzail. As it turns out, I never got around to finishing the other two in the unit, so thought that this might be a "quick win"!)

First, here are some pics of the Warpfire Thrower. Compared to the new style Warpfire Throwers in the Island of Blood Box set, what do you think of the sculpt?
(Please note that all photos were taken at night under...kitchen lights...so apologies for the poor quality!)

Skaven Warpfire Thrower...

Here's one of the new sculpts for comparison...

...and here is the completed Jezzail unit. (As my army colour is Ice Blue I added a dusting on the pavise to make a visual connection with the rest of the army, even if the unit itself is wearing Clan Skryre red uniforms.)

I hope you like them! As usual, all comments and constructive criticism welcome!


p.s. What do you think of the Snakebite Leather bases? Better than Knarloc Green?


  1. Nice looking stuff dude, I like the addition of the army colour on the shields.

  2. As always, you´ve outdone yourself. I´ve no idea how you do it.. I spend so much time just painting 1 unit, while you did all those old weaponteams in one weekend!

    As you asked for feedback, here we go. As I mentioned before, I´m not a huge fan of the old school skaven (at all), and think they aren't really compatible with the new models. Having said that, I can't help but add that you've painted those units gorgeously. I noted a small glass bead on the old fire thrower, which looks really professional. I noticed the same kinda technique on your Doomwheel,(the small telescope), could you share the technique you are using?
    I prefer the new WP over the old ones any time, but that doesn't take away you've painted them on par to the 'eavy metal team of games workshop.

    The speculation, (which is highly likely), is that in January Gamesworkshop is going to add the doomflayer and the warpgrinder, something to look forward to ^^.
    I can't tell you if the snakebite leather is better than the goblin green, As i dont see a difference due to colorblindness. I however feel that hardly any skaven battle is fought above ground, and am thinking to keep 'em just black or a dark grey, reflecting the tunnels.

    Always fun reading your posts, keep up the good work!


  3. Thanks for the comments!
    @Kuffeh...cheers! I stole the idea from elsewhere as usual.
    I think that even a light drybrushing provides a nice visual tie with the rest of the army. For Skaven, that is one way that even "rented" troops from clans such as Skryre can be made to feel part of the greater army. Skaven are convenient to paint in this way because there is no way your average clanrat would spend a lot of time on a painted sigil or clan sign. Hastily painted-on graffiti works from both a practical standpoint for me (e.g. I'm lazy) and also from a "Fluff" point of view...

  4. @Shendar...
    Really appreciate your comments!
    I'm really glad you noticed the glass window on the old warpfire-thrower tank. I imagined that it would be a really thick piece of glass that allows the operator to see how much warpfire mixture is still inside (hence it being green.)

    To do this just follow the techniques described out there on the web for painting a "lens" effect on glass, windows, lenses etc. It basically involves using 2-3 lighter shades of a base colour up to an almost skull-white highlight. You then balance that with a dot of light on the other side of the lens. Even when you do it as badly as I do, it looks pretty good when viewed from afar on the tabletop.
    When I first started my 40K Tau army I hated doing lenses but then discovered the following tutorial on truly one of the greatest Tau websites out there!

    Games Workshop also has some articles on painting gems. Here is one for the Eldar:

    Hope that helps.


  5. Thanks a lot Squeek, those really help me out! Looking forward to put those techniques into practice .


  6. Excellent work. You're helping me stay inspired as I have 120 Clan Rats to paint before I get to the new IoB Warpfire Throwers.

  7. @Pete Dunn,

    Thanks! 120 Clanrats to go BEFORE you get to the Warpfire Throwers? You are hard core! Doing 50 as fast as I could nearly killed me...
    ...I was only kept going by the thought of doing something like the weapons teams or a character as a reward!
    Live a little and reward yourself with something after 50 rats.
    Seriously though - good luck and let me know how it goes!



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