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NEW Skaven Tretch Craventail, Warp Grinder Weapon Team and Heraldry Book!


Yesterday, I posted about the NEW Hell Pit Abomination, Plagueclaw Catapult/ Warp Lightning Cannon, Ikit Claw and Battle Magic: Skaven sets now available for pre-order at GW. (You can find that post here.) THAT post took quite a while to put together, and NOW, as if that wasn't enough, I notice more new models to add to my horde...
...Tretch Craventail
...a Warp-Grinder Weapon Team
...and a book - "Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven."

Some thoughts, information and photos below (with a full list of links at the end.)

Tretch Craventail

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Like like? Well, it is great to have a good Tretch Craventail model! Tretch is another one of those Skaven Lords with a good back-story and a great character to have on your army. Although (as regular readers know) I can make no claim to having lots of tabletop experience I am sure that the "Tretch's Raiders" rule that he brings to the battle would be useful: re-roll failed To Hit rolls when attacking from the flank or rear of the enemy unit? Yes please!

No-like? I'm personally undecided as to whether I like models that stick up from raised bases. (Warlord Queek Headtaker is another example.)
I think the reasons for doing it are good:
- the character rises above the rest of his unit
- it provides a really nice focal point in a horde army for the cool characters
- it allows for much more interesting sculpting (I'd assume - I've never sculpted anything!). Notice in this case the way the tail is unfurled (very rare in the Skaven models I think), and also the very nice feeling of weight that comes from having the flail fully extended. (Queek Headtaker's backbanner is another example of the freedom I suppose this brings.)

Somehow though I think I personally prefer a model that fits onto a regular base rather than have a larger piece that brings it's own chunk of masonry, but that is just me! Do I think this will stop me purchasing? Not a chance...

This model is listed as being available from Jan 15th 2011.

Warp-Grinder Weapon Team
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As a model, I like the look of this. Others on the web have commented on the mixed quality of the weapon teams in the Island of Blood set. The Poisoned Wind Mortar in particular has not been very popular in some warrens as it doesn't look very "Skavenish" - the smooth barrel of the launcher tube and lack of "bits" being one potential cause of this gnashing of (long, yellowed) incisors. In contrast however, I think this model is better detailed. I like the drill bit, wires and dynamo/ power unit held by the rear operator (who I BET wants to change places with the Grinder operator.)

On the tabletop, I had never really thought about having a Warp-Grinder team in my horde until now. I guess I have been too busy just trying to finish the basic models that I have! On seeing this model however, I give it more consideration. Giving my opponent some heartburn about a unit appearing in his backline and perhaps forcing him to keep a unit back to deal with that perceived threat would be worth the cost...
...if any reader has had any success with Warp-Grinder teams please let me know!

This model is available from Jan 15th 2011.

"Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven"

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Copyright Games Workshop.
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This is a 72 page hardback book with detail on the major clans and their uniforms. This is a new addition to the " Uniforms and Heraldry" series which currently consists of "Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire".

Oddly enough, I am quite excited about this as I love these kinds of "reference" books. This interest was prompted by the childhood discovery on my dad's bookshelf of a few titles in the Osprey "Men at Arms" Series for some units of the ancient world. These fascinated me for hours and hours with their background to the military unit in question (maps, commentary) and the beautiful illustrations of the uniforms and weapons of the army featured. They also (I think) had background on the weapons used, including photos of real ancient weapons from collections or recovered from archaeological digs etc.
(If you have any historical military units and you don't know this series definitely go and check it out!)

All the images above are from Games Workshop. For more information, detailed unit descriptions and more photos, please visit the pages below:

Tretch Craventail
Skaven Warp-Grinder Weapon Team
Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven
GW Skaven Advance Order Blog Post ("What's New", Wednesday 29th December)

I was exhausted from my scribblings on yesterday's long post - the energy this post has taken means I can already feel myself spiraling towards a bout of the Black Hunger!


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