Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesome Verminous New Models!


There was I, not knowing what it was that I wanted for Christmas, when an interesting post came up in my Blogger Dashboard from Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures Gallery with a beautiful new model of a Chimaera. "Looks cool" I thought, "let's check it out!"

Copyright Maelstrom Games. Picture reproduced without permission.
Please visit for more info and larger images.

Yes, it IS a cool model, and a beautiful sculpt (not to mention beautifully painted!
I had never heard of the BaneBeasts range before, so this was a great find. Thanks to the original post, I could see that these were available over at Maelstrom Games. Even though I don't live in the UK, I have ordered from them before and so far have found their prices, special offers and their service to be excellent (particularly important when ordering from overseas).

So, having seen the Chimaera I was all ready to keep on checking out other blog updates when suddenly, on scrolling further down the post I came across some other figures in the range. My (beady, ratty) eyes really lit up (red?) when I saw this fellow:

Scar-Scath, Fiend of Vermin...
Copyright Maelstrom Games. Picture reproduced without permission.
Please visit for more info and larger images.

Here is some accompanying text from the BaneBeast page:

"The depredations and perversions of the Under-vermin are detestable at the best of times, but their base parodies of faith and devotion are almost too loathsome to speak of. Yet gods they indeed worship, gods of defilement and tarnish, gods of the under-earth that no right-minded soul would solicit, gods that ascend from their pits in forms that delight their supplicants and dismay their enemies in equal measure. Scar-scath is such a form, a fiend of the vermin-kind wrought from the earth and the rocks and the corestones, a golem given life through the sacrifice of the hated above-men to bring death to their kind."

Rubbing my paws with glee at having potentially found an answer to my Christmas conundrum, I headed over to The BaneBeasts page at Maelstrom Games... 
...Argggghhh, I immediately found my ratty mind dazed and confused by the presence of another rat-related model that I now wanted to join my warband...

Three Face, the Verminous Horror...

Copyright Maelstrom Games. Picture reproduced without permission.
Please visit for more info and larger images.

From the BaneBeasts page:

"The under-places of this world harbour many creatures that can only be described as horrors, freakish things that were not meant to walk or crawl upon the earth. The under-vermin are such, foul parodies of man and rat, but their creations, their vivisects, are nothing less than grotesque monsters that only insane minds and cruel temperaments could bring to life. Three-Face is one of them, an unspeakable, verminous horror that melds rats, bovines and arcane workings to power a beast that is truly repugnant, an atrocity of nature that inspires not only terror but a profound loathing of all vermin-kind."

Visions of unstoppable Skaven hordes in my mind, I leapt down from my chair and scampered over to my scavenge pile to begin counting my monies. Surely such beauties would cost many, many warp-tokens?! However, after checking the information, I discovered I probably wouldn't have to ransom my litter to purchase such monstrous assistance as they are relatively affordable for these kinds of reinforcements. (To bad, as due to the high expense I could do with a smaller litter of ratlings round about Christmas...)

So with Warp-tokens counted I sat in front of the computer and, bathed in the glow of the interwebs, browsed the Maelstrom site...
only to find that HORRORS...CURSES! Scar-Scath isn't available until January, but Three Face is in stock now...

Oh, what to do, what to DO?

  • Forget ordering them. Buy a huge Christmas cake instead...
  • Buy Three Face and wait to see if I like it before ordering Scar-Scath?
  • Warp-token budget be damned - order both now!

p.s. Before anyone asks, I am not associated in any way with Maelstrom Games or the BaneBeasts series, and gain nothing financially from blogging about them.

p.p.s I bow before sculptors Alex Carrasco, Daniel Cockersell,  Sean Green and Alan Huntley and painters Ben Komets, Tim Fisher and Sebastien Picque. I doubt you'll ever read this blog but...amazing job, just amazing!

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