Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What should I paint next?

Never criticize a sensitive artist...

Fellow Warlords, I need your help! I got back from a week away (of work) and want to take the plunge for the coming long weekend by finishing up some more painting. The only question is, what to paint?

Help me decide by using the poll to the right!

Whichever answer has most votes by the time I get up and stumble to my PC this Saturday morning (18th September 2010) wins!
"Wins what?" I hear you ask, (your pinkish, scabrous paws rubbing together in anticipation of riches beyond your wildest ratty imaginations...)
Well, um, nothing...
...except the satisfaction of seeing me try to finish the model(s) and post an update by the end of Monday 20th September. ("Keiro-no-hi" - Respect for the Aged Day - just one of the 15 or so national holidays in Japan).

You can base your choice on whatever you would like to see from the list in the poll OR by taking a look below at the models I currently have painted and thinking about what you would add next to this small (but growing) force...
  • x1 Skaven Warlord
  • x1  Plague Priest
  • x30 Plague Monks
  • x12 Giant Rats
  • x2 Rat Swarms
  • x2 Rat Ogres
  • x30 Skaven Slaves
  • x30 Skaven Clanrats
  • x1 Warpcannon with Crew
  • x1 Jezzail
To the poll...THE POLL!



  1. Hey! ^_^

    I'm a new skaven player and when I saw your blog I was quite relieved. You've got some great guides to use or modify on my upcoming skaven horde. Since I haven't painted minis in six or seven years I'm sure they'll come in handy. Also, as a geographer, I really love your blog layout.

    I voted for the Doomwheel, as I really like the model and it's statistics. Hope you make a guide on the Doomwheel some time in the future :> GO DOOMWHEEL GO !

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi and thanks for posting and the compliment - great to get feedback from a fellow new Skaven player!

    Like you, I first painted minis a LONG time ago (about 20 years!). I actually just got back into it a year or two ago through W40K (Tau)but haven't been able to get a WFB game in yet (work, work, work!) so for the moment it is just painting...
    I can't reveal which model I HOPE wins the poll, but the Doomwheel WOULD be a pretty cool item to work on! 3 days to go yet though...
    Thanks again for the kind words.

  3. I'm going to start to worry if you keep going on about poles....


  4. Lol - no need to worry!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Personally I hope the Doomwheel wins. It's the only Skaven model I've painted...oh, I lied. I have a Globadier too, but the Doomwheel was the first and so far the best.

    I love your painting BTW. Looks great. Really like the Rat Ogres, but I'm sure it doesn't help that they're just awesome to begin with.

    Happy painting
    -Skaven lover, but sadly not a very powerful warlord just yet.

  6. Well, I think the Doomwheel is a pretty popular choice, but so far it has gone back and forth with Stormvermin for top position - almost nothing between them in terms of popularity...

    Thanks for the compliments on the painting. I've got a lot to learn but the blog helps me keep the painting going - comments and criticism always welcome of course.



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