Saturday, September 18, 2010

And the poll winner is...

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...neek, neek, squeeel!

Here are the poll results at the time of closing...the Doomwheel just edged ("rumbled"?) ahead, surely due to a potent combination of arcane technology, warpstone and rodent treadmill power...

  1. Doomwheel...look, it's a frikkin' Doomwheel OK? 18 (34%)
  2. Stormvermin...awesome... 17 (32%)
  3. Clanrats...ALWAYS need more! 6 (11%)
  4. Grey're toast without magiks... 5 (9%)
  5. Warpfire Thrower...burn, baby, burn! 2 (3%)
  6. More Slaves...cannon fodder FTW!! 4 (7%)
Looks like those Stormvermin were just edged out...

So a big thanks to all those who voted! If you came here but just missed the voting - apologies, I had to close it otherwise I wouldn't have time to try to finish the Doomwheel by the end of the long weekend.
(As it is that may be a stretch as my litter are demanding attention...)

I'll start working on this today and will post updates over the weekend and (hopefully) a full blog post at the end of the day, Monday 20th Sept!

To work Clan Skyre slaves - to work!


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