Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rat Ogre Update 2


Pretty busy this week so haven't had much chance to work on the Rat Ogres too much, but I have got a couple of things to show you! (Scroll down for pics...)

1. I did a little bit of highlighting now that the Devlan Mud wash is done and used some Dwarf Flesh on the tail of one Rat Ogre to see how it looks.

2. I also started on the bases. Usually I would just add some flock etc. after drybrushing the mud, as that is easy and doesn't take much time. However, just as I suspected, it quickly became apparent that bases this size would need a detail or two to bring them to life, necessitating a rummage around the bits box.

Here is what I came up with...

  • "Say Hello to My Little Friends". If you've got Skaven, somewhere you have a pile of rats from the sprue that you haven't used. These guys add a touch of ratty flavor to anything pretty easily. As well as that, they are easy to throw in: black basecoat, drybrush Calthan Brown or Codex Grey, add Tallarn Flesh/ Dwarf Flesh for limbs, face ears - voila!
  • "Run Away, Run Away!" I thought it would be cool to try and throw in some broken or abandoned weapons. I wanted it to feel as though the enemy had turned and fled and thrown their weapons on the ground - not sure if I succeeded, but if I did this on several Rat Ogres the combined look might work...(In this case I used a plastic axe, cutting off one edge to give the impression that it has been wedged in the ground, and a plastic shield I got from somewhere. I used cutters to add some notches to the shield.)
I still have highlighting to do on the rats, shield and axe and of course flock and paint the base, but all feedback welcome! 

Pics below:

Hope to have these guys finished by the end of the weekend!


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