Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doomwheel Update!


Phew, it's about 25 past midnight here in Japan on the morning of Tuesday 21st of September. While that means I broke my deadline of posting an update on Monday, at least I have something to share with everyone who voted on my poll a few days ago.

Here is my Doomwheel at the time of writing. I started at 1 PM today, and in total I would say to get to the stage at bottom of the photos took about 8 hours in total (Yeah - I know, pretty slow eh?):

It isn't finished by any stretch of the imagination.., but I am well on the way now. Lots of details to be tidied up, basing (of course) highlighting in lots of areas etc...To be honest, I think it looks OK so far, but I have the feeling that the base will pull it all together in the next few days.

Once that is all done, I'll try to find the time to post a full step-by-step.

Thanks for dropping by!



  1. That was quick and looks good. I really like the look of it.

  2. Hi and thanks for the compliment! Still lots to do - washes on the warpstone, edge highlighting etc. AND redoing stuff that didn't come our right. (Lenses etc...) Hope to update later this week...

  3. 8hrs is lightning speed compared to how long it took to finish mine. I believe it was a couple weeks. Then again...I have the attention span of a gnat.

    Looks great so far. Super eager to see the end result.

    -Aspiring Warlord

  4. Hi anonymous - 8 hours felt like an eternity! (At least in terms of my back and blurred vision - must get getting old...grumble, grumble...)

    Hope to have final results soon and will post more when I do!

  5. Old and grumbling? That sounds more dwarfish behaviour than ratty. -__^

  6. ...er, I mean:
    "...must be getting old, neek, neek."


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