Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doomwheel Update!


Phew, it's about 25 past midnight here in Japan on the morning of Tuesday 21st of September. While that means I broke my deadline of posting an update on Monday, at least I have something to share with everyone who voted on my poll a few days ago.

Here is my Doomwheel at the time of writing. I started at 1 PM today, and in total I would say to get to the stage at bottom of the photos took about 8 hours in total (Yeah - I know, pretty slow eh?):

It isn't finished by any stretch of the imagination.., but I am well on the way now. Lots of details to be tidied up, basing (of course) highlighting in lots of areas etc...To be honest, I think it looks OK so far, but I have the feeling that the base will pull it all together in the next few days.

Once that is all done, I'll try to find the time to post a full step-by-step.

Thanks for dropping by!

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