Saturday, February 29, 2020

Skaven for War+squeek+

On a quick trip to Warhammer in Jinbocho Tokyo this week I picked up some Warcry cards for my Skaven (as well as treated myself to a 40K chibi pack. Which model did I get? Keep reading...)

I've enjoyed a couple of games of Warcry now using the Starter Set warbands that came in the box, and I have really enjoyed the overall experience. However one of the things that attracted me to the game initially was the opportunity to use other armies. Especially the Skaven, for whom I have a soft (corrupt) spot. After all, we know that Skaven get everywhere, so wouldn't it make sense for them to be exploring that part of the world as well?

So what comes in the cards, and do I have models that will work?

It looks as though I can definitely put together a band based on the majority of the cards, but it does appear I have a gaping hole (wound?) before I even get on the table. 

Let's see what I have. (For today I'll just use some old photos, so they won't exactly match the Warcry cards, but I think I have exact copies somewhere in my warband!). Let's start with one of the most iconic models in Skaven lore. The humble Giant Rat...
...(love these little guys - back in the day they were great little units of 12 or so that could slow our enemies down or nibble on small enemy units).


Next, one of the biggest units, our old friends the Clanrats. Fearful individually, fearless in big numbers (and they were used in big numbers in Warhammer Fantasy)...


Plaguemonks! These pustulent fanatics have all sorts of diseases to spread. Thanks to their decaying bodies they also are remarkably tough (for Skaven at least). Do I have any of them?
...Yes! Yes!

Stormvermin always look great ranked up, and I love the lore behind them and their armour and weapons. 

Night Runner (counts as)...

Finally in my current Skaven Clan I do have a Packmaster and Rat Ogres...

What about that gap I mentioned?
There is a gap in my current army. It is a large one too - monstrous in fact. That is Stormfiends. These are really great models that came out some time after I finished up my Skaven clan, and I don't have any of them! Sadly they just happen to be the most powerful cards in the deck (at first glance and judging by the expense.)

However, I'm also not going to try to get hold of any, as most of them seem to come in at 30-50 USD on ebay (before shipping) or more (close to 90 USD here in Japan new and boxed.)

I hope I can put together a fun Warcry warband with what I have. The next step will be researching other Skaven player's bands to see what they have and what is competitive. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!


p.s. The chibi 40K figure was just for a bit of fun. There are 5 possible models. You guessed it, I got the one I didn't want, the Eversor:



  1. Thanks. They are one army where I am really tempted to just get them out and line them up for old time's sake. Some great sculpts in the more recent releases.


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