Sunday, November 17, 2019

Tomb Kings Test - and the Return of the Old World?

Much of the gaming world been rocked this week with the announcement from Games Workshop that the Old World would be making a return...
...and with square bases? 

Be still my desiccated (Tomb Kings) heart.  
That would mean that I could dust off those square-based armies I have like High Elves and Skaven, and use them in all their ranked-up glory. 

That isn't to say that I wasn't prepared to use what I could from their ranks in Age of Sigmar (a game that I didn't get into because I really DIDN'T want to rebase all the hundreds of models I have) because I have just started renovating Tomb Kings with AOS in mind. However, IF GW really does bring the Old World back AND with square bases, then life would be a LOT easier for me. That is especially the case if old armies like Tomb Kings and High Elves are viable again.

Despite my excitement (and that of others out there) there could be a fair bit to worry about (or reasons not to get too excited.)

  1. This is a couple of years off at least - so maybe 2021-22?
  2. Who is to say that GW will keep the rules in a way that makes simply using your old models...easy? (After all, simply using all those old armies you have with a new rules set wouldn't bring any major profits. Would it?)
Still, this is interesting news that has already prompted miles of ink and countless YouTube videos.

In other big news, a Sisters of Battle limited edition box set sold out within minutes. I definitely want some of the Sisters to join my Black Templars crusade, but now it looks as though that will have to wait for another day (or year) or at least until some of new individual packs come out.

As for my current gaming, today I finished off a test model for Tomb Kings that could count as Grave Guard/ Tomb guard in games of Warhammer or Age of Sigmar. Here he is - a musician.

This old fellow was painted mainly using GW contrast paints to save a bit of time. Tomb Kings are pretty good for this as they are a lot of bone, cloth and textured surfaces (wood, leather, etc.) Although this is a very "classic" Egyptian-style scheme I think it works well for a this kind of army. 

One secret to working with this amount of gold is to keep things simple. In this case I drybrushed gold over brown (Gore Grunta Fur) to give a feeling of gold leaf or gold that was fading away. The shield works well because of this (IMHO). 

I'm going to sit on this test for a couple of days and see how I feel about it. As weird as this may be, I really like to take a quick look at models I paint the morning after they are done. That gives me a chance to see them under natural light (I usually paint at night after work) and to see how the colours that looked SO WONDERFUL the night before actually look.

If on reflection I still like the look I'll then move on to the other 9 in the unit. 

Best wishes for happy hobbying!

+Squeek Vermintide+


  1. Hi! I'm a lurker, I don't play WH, I'm here for the amazing minis pics, but this..

    " I drybrushed gold over brown (Gore Grunta Fur) to give a feeling of gold leaf or gold that was fading away"

    ... I had never thought of this! I normally base gold parts with gold mixed w/bit of black. But that little gem of an idea is going to change how I approach gold now. Thank you for that!

    1. Very happy to have been of assistance! It wasn't my idea I'm sure, but I hope it saves you time and trouble. Just vary the strength with which you drybrush to magnify the effect. I find that the brown also gives a good solid undercoat if you DO want to paint on a "solid" gold, meaning you can get an application with just one coat.

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