Saturday, October 17, 2015

Greater Goods for the Greater Good

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated the blog (because ya know, LIFE 2.0)...

...but as a Tau player all this recent news can't be ignored. There have been a load of new releases for the Tau that are managing to not only add some great capabilities to their armies, but also start a new chapter for GW as well. The images below are the models that I find most interesting, but don't represent an exhaustive list of all the new units.

The Eye of the Storm

Take a look at the "Stormsurge" below. 
Quite a beast! This is a variant of the now infamous Riptide, designed by the looks of things for support. It mounts a really REALLY big gun, and also has a shed-load of missile launchers. It reminds me a lot of the Mecha units from old series like Robotech Monster or Phalanx (or a cross between the two). 

KV128 Stormsurge Battlesuit
I'm not exactly sure that is a good thing though. The Stormsurge looks a little bit "off". Not sure why? Could be a combination of the stabilizers and the position of the pose above. Also, the shorter ranged weapons tacked on under the missile pods seem like an afterthought. 

Do I like the idea? Hell yes! 
Aesthetically though it doesn't do it for me (or that is what I'll tell myself as long as I don't have the money to get one haha!)

+ Big gun!

- Lack of arms
- Extra gubbins
- Rinkydink stabilizers

Ghost in the Shell

XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit
(Sorry, couldn't resist!)
If you take a look at my Tau page you can see that I like Stealth suits. They always made the Tau army interesting and added a bit of spice to the battlefield. This unit looks to do that in spades. 

+ The name
+ Weapons (Cyclic Ion Raker and Fusion Collider)
+ Model comes with a choice of male/ female pilots and a cockpit option

- The design of the head 

I'm not sold on the logic (a giant battlesuit is stealthy?) but hey, logic only goes so far in Warhammer 40K. I like the idea of this unit being an electronic warfare platform though, and I can see it leading other stealth units into battle (oh, there's a profitable idea!), all at the low, low price* of just 45 of your Pounds Sterling.

Castle in the Sky

Tau Tidewall Rampart
Er, its a wall...
...but not just any wall! 
It floats, it shoots (check out the twin-linked Rail Cannon "Tidewall Gunrig"), AND it protects your squishy units. Just what any Tau commander needs. Especially if you need to replace all the home-brew Tau scenery you probably have as a Tau commander...

+ the overall design
+ the gunrig
+ the blue energy wall
+ the integrated drone emplacements

- the price (21,000 Yen, or 113 pounds)

Lambs to the Slaughter

Fire Warrior Breacher Team
"The Fire Warriors Breacher Team specialises in brutally effective close-range assaults..."
Wait, what...?
Wow, talk about a change in approach. Tau closing for close combat?

Well, at least at first glance!
Take a closer look at some of the rules out there and it seems as though "assault" in this case doesn't mean "hand-to-hand", but more like "I'm going to stick my pulse blaster right up in your ugly face and let loose" (and if I don't wipe you out, you will then bring me the pain).
The Pulse Blaster seems to be the key here. Get it within 5 inch range of the enemy and it is going to hurt them some with Strength 6 AP 3 Assault 2...
...looks like the "Fish of Fury" could make a comeback to help with that (not to mention to help sell more Devilfish). Drive up, hop out, shoot, shoot, shoot!

+ Tau, up close and personal.
+ Pulse Blasters
+ Tactical Support Turret that you build anywhere you stay put (Missile Pod or SMS options)
+ Guardian drone with 6+ invul for the unit

- With my dice rolls, these guys will whiff everything, and then get slaughtered! ;-)

Overall, I'm quite excited by the quality of these models, the look and feel, and the new challenges these units will bring to the enemies of the greater good. If I had the money, I would probably try to get all of these models, but there is no way I can do that! I will get the new Codex first of all, and then take it from there...


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