Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Tau Madness... least in terms of releases.

As regular as clockwork, a GW promo email popped into my inbox the other day with lots of new info on even more new releases (see here for previous), this time in the form of Commander models, Codex Tau Empire Ghostkeel Edition info and more.

Some first impressions below.

Tau Empire Commander

Love the look of this model. It feels very dynamic and the pose actually makes you feel as though he is getting into the thick of things. This is particularly true if (like me) your current Crisis suits are the "original" models, which were really, really static. It is just a small point, but the hands also look much better than they used to in the old models too.

For comparison, here is my "Old" commander. Dredging up this photo really reminds me of how I should go back and revisit my entire Tau army and put what I learned painting my Skaven to good use (washes, weathering etc.)

My "old" Commander

Codex Tau Empire Ghostkeel Edition

I'll be honest and say that initially I was a bit confused by the number of options GW now provides to get hold of the rules for different and new models. I have the "latest" Codex (it has the Riptide in it) so what do I get now? 
Actually, GW has tried to make things clear (if you read the entries on the website). If I understand correctly for me the "Ghostkeel" edition ISN'T the place to start.
However, it actually looks like a nice set, with a variety of objective markers (x6) and objective cards (x36). Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet), by the time I clicked on the email, this was already listed as sold out anyway.

Instead I'm supposed to go with..

War Zone Damocles: Kauyon this contains "an 88 page hardback rule book containing all the new rules" and I would already be "...a hardened Tau Empire Collector". 
I'm glad that this option exists! 

Although I'd like to get all the bits and pieces that come in the special edition I don't need another copy of the rule book. Also, I also get the White Dwarf Games Workshop digital edition on my tablet, but if you are going to play I feel like you really need one printed source that pulls things together (until of course GW decides to grace those of us with Android devices with an ebook that is actually usable in game terms - the ibooks version is great, the epub versions however can at best be called "useless" for using at a game.)

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team

3 lovely suits! 
I think these are new poses? They certainly look more dynamic than the original suits I started with a few years ago. You can get a sense of the dynamism from the pose shown above, and more if you visit the GW website.
Again for comparison, a couple of shots of my "old" suits. I went to considerable trouble to try to pose these, but you can see they still look very static.

Here's my Broadside (as a bonus) :

Tau Empire Drones

Because, really, as a Tau player you don't have drones?
Seriously, I have to say that I love drones (especially in a group of eight, dropped behind enemy lines and harassing light armour!) but just TWO in a box? Not going to cut it!

With all these new models, there really is just too much to buy. What the hell am I going to do?

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