Saturday, August 16, 2014

Black Templars Heavy Support painting Update

++Unit Update++

After bringing back a haul of new Heavy Support units from a recent trip to the UK, I started work on them a couple of weeks ago, and have made some progress on bringing them to a standard ready for the table top.

These aren't quite finished, but I realized that I haven't posted an update here in a while - instead throwing updates onto Google+ into some of the great communities there. (Highly recommended are Miniature Painting and Modeling, Warhammer 40K, and Miniature Addiction.)

Below you will find photos of my second Landraider Crusader, and two Rhino chassis, kitted out as Whirlwind Missile Launchers (although I have not glued the turret into place, as I also have plans to make them interchangeable with Predator tank turrets or other units).

Off we go!

Land Raider Crusader (Invigilus).

Here is the LRC as I received it from my eBay purchase. I always try to stay patient, and bid for an item that has been undercoated black (which is obviously the main colour for Black Templars, saving me time), but which requires little in the way of "rescue" (finding missing parts etc.)
This LRC is a good example. Nicely undercoated, parts in place (it came with the turret gunner), and in this case, some nice clean initial work in white.

Here it is now. 

I also spent some time working on the turret gunner:

I still have work to do on some of the details (headlamps) and more weathering (another layer of drybrushed mud, followed by some "wet" mud on flaps etc.) but I'm quite happy with how it looks at the moment. 
Once fully complete, "Invigilus" should be a good battlefield companion for my other LRC, "Potestas

Whirlwind Missile Launchers (Extremis and Infernus)

These two chassis arrived some time ago (before the latest haul) in a similar condition to the Landraider, but one of them had a very nicely weathered launcher unit.

Here is how they look today:


With both of these models, I really enjoyed working on the glass/ viewing ports, and I think they came out looking quite nice! (although they look a little too clean compared to the rest of the model - does anyone have a tutorial on painting a "cracked window" effect?).
I can also see myself proxying Extremis as a "Hunter" missile launcher for anti-air (although it seems as though most people would rather use fliers or Aegis gun emplacements for effective anti-air...)

I haven't started work on the Stormtalon yet, but that will have to wait until the final details on the models above are finished.

In the meantime, all C&C welcome!


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