Sunday, August 17, 2014

Black Templars Armoured column

x2 Land Raider Crusaders, x2 Whirlwinds, x2 Predators, x4 Speeders and 2 Drop Pods.
Finally finished up some reinforcements for my Black Templars today, by completing some last weathering effects. Until yesterday, they had a light drybrushing of Calthan Brown to add some dust and dirt, but to match my other units, I decided to go all in with some heavier mud effects.

These followed the same technique I used elsewhere, (thank you for the excellent video MarneusAugustaCalgar) combining modelling sand and Calthan Brown with GW 'Ard Stuff (gloss varnish) to make a wet-look heavy mud. This was then painted (perhaps "applied" would be a better word!) onto the edges of tracks and armour. For some final variation to the mud, I did the same thing but with more Abaddon Black added. This breaks up the colours and (I think!) makes for a better overall effect.

Finally, I went with some light rust effects on some key areas. I actually am not happy with how these turned out. The blend of brown and orange I used is too light, making the effect too obvious. I might go back later and streak in some darker brown to break it up a bit.

Here are the vehicles now.

Based on feedback I received on my first Land Raider (the mud was too heavy on the tracks themselves, and it would principally be on the skirts of the vehicle) I went for much less on the tracks this time. Overall, I think it looks better.

With the two Whirlwind Missile launchers and the second Land Raider finished, I can move onto the last outstanding model for the Black Templars that I have, a Storm Talon flyer. 

Glad these three vehicles are finished!


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