Monday, July 21, 2014

Black Templars - new heavy hitters!

Hello everyone,

Following a Dust Tactics update the other day, I'm happy to report that my Black Templars force is getting some love with the arrival of some reinforcements at HQ.

Here they are:
1.) Airpower: Stormtalon Gunship.
My very first air unit! Believe it or not, I have never owned a flyer before. As I very rarely get in a game and my regular opponent doesn't use airpower too much, I never had a need when I was using Tau, but it seemed that it might be useful.

 It arrived undercoated, with magnetized weapons options, and the canopy separate for easy painting.

2.) Heavy support: Land Raider Crusader
My second Land Raider Crusader. A second Land Raider? Too much? I don't think so. The ability to deliver even my troops across the table successfully is a key tactic, let alone other hard-hitting units...


3.) Drop Pod.
Another second in this line up, this is my second drop pod. I don't think the single one that I have provides the opportunity to threaten my opponent enough. Two gives me the ability to make him think that he will need to keep his rear secure. I am not interested in going for an all drop pod force, although that would look great. I could put my Sternguard in here, or maybe a Dreadnought or other unit.
I was lucky to pick this one up cheap - nicely painted, and it won't be difficult to make this a bit more "Templar-y"!

I'm planning to work on my Dust Tactics Walkers first, but then I hope to get around to these.

Go Templars!

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