Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dust Allies progress...quick and easy!

Just a quick update.

Yesterday I noted that the Dust Tactics models are pretty easy to paint because they come undercoated. I started work on a a unit called "The Boss" this evening by adding some basecoats (I had added modeling sand and painted the base before this.)

Before: you can see the green colour in which the unit arrives (there are 5 models in the unit).

After just a couple of layers of GW Snakebite Leather, some Chaos Black (on boots and gloves) and Ironbreaker on the weapon and you have your basic "3 basecoats" approach done. I could probably move onto washes at this point.

I think I will add some brown to the the stocks and handgrips throughout the unit before that though!

The key point is, with another hour, I could have a unit done with washes and a highlight or two. Time is saved by the model being pre-undercoated, all models swiveling at the waist (much easier to paint hard to reach bits!) and the general lack of ornate bits and pieces. In fact, significant time was added by having to do two layers of Snakebite Leather.

Won't have too much time to finish these the next few days, but with another hour or two, this final unit of Allied infantry should be done and my Allied footsloggers will be complete- and then I will give a Walker a try.


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