Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dust Warfare: The Axis are coming... least to my collection of Dust warfare models.

I bought the Dust Tactics box set and the Dust Warfare rules a year or so ago (was it that long?) and immediately got into painting the allies. What I had read about the Dust models was true.
Already undercoated.
Easy to paint.
Generally good sculpts.
Sure, there were a few problems, like poorly fitted upper torsos, bendy weapons and so on (I'd heard about these too), but man, those issues couldn't take away from the joy of having some "weird" world war II (the designs are great.)

After finishing some allied infantry (which you can see here and here) I got distracted by other projects, and didn't think about them until last Saturday, when I noticed the Axis troops in my cupboard, still in their original grey. On a whim I grabbed them and set to work, and a few days later, here we are, with a few units of Axis ready for the tabletop.

Here are a few photos:

Heavy Laser Grenadiers
Heavy Flak Grenadiers

Next up?

Light walkers!


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