Wednesday, July 11, 2012

THE HAMMERS! Dust Warfare Allies Update #3


It has been a while since my last post. In the background I have been working on and off on my Dust Warfare Allies, so here is another completed unit:
...and my first Allied hero: RHINO!

These guys duke it out with the Axis in their aerial assault armour and have the "Jump" special ability and the "Rocket Punch" attack.

Some pics below, followed by more information about the painting.
The Hammers

So what did I do with these guys. 

Firstly, I just went straight to a full GW Badab Black wash. This was slapped straight on top of the green primer that covers the model straight out of the box (one of the great things about Dust models). 
Here is a comparison image that shows these models with and without that black wash:
Washed with Badab Black (L) and unwashed (R)
Notice that face/head was not washed.
After that, some standard paints on key areas:

  • Face: Tallarn Flesh (Followed by an Ogryn Flesh wash)
  • Gloves: Blazing Orange (Hammers) and Red Gore (Rhino) Be careful to leave the wash in the gaps of the gloves.
  • Helmet/ Cap (Hammers): Bleached Bone and Calthan Brown
  • Hair (Rhino): Sunburst Yellow
  • Jetpack parts: Boltgun Metal
  • Rockets: Fortress Grey, with Blood Red and Skull White tips
Then layers:
  • Face: Tallarn Flesh/ Dwarf Flesh (50:50)
  • Gloves (Rhino): Red Gore/ Blood Red (50:50), then pure Blood Red, then Blazing Orange/ Blood Red (20/80)
A bit of aging...
  • Chainmail (or Boltgun Metal) on armour edges or areas where there would be wear (joints, places where armour would scrape etc.) Also some small nicks and scratches on flat surfaces.
This was all capped-off with some simple basing using a drybrush of Calthan Brown/ Skull White and GW grass.

That would be the last Allied infantry unit that was in the Dust Tactics Core set. Next comes a bigger challenge, my first walker!

Thanks for stopping by. All C&C welcome.


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