Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dust Warfare Allies Update #2


Continuing to work on the Dust Warfare allies at a leisurely pace. Over the last few nights I did some washes on a new unit - The Hammers, as well as finish off basing the Ranger units and adding a few highlights. 

In the photos below, you will see:
  • How the Hammers look if they ONLY have a Chaos Black wash.
  • I have highlighted the leather packs and gloves on the Rangers.
  • I highlighted the weapons with Calthan Brown.
  • I drybrushed weapons with Boltgun Metal and Chainmail. (50/50 mix)
  • Edge highlighting on some body armour and helmets.
  • I added Boltgun Metal to the bases/ bolts of the NCOs. (Boltgun Metal) Will add rust later.
(Lots of images - please be patient!)

Chaos Black wash at left. Model at right as received (primed by manufacturer)

Unwashed model at back right

Bolts on bases are ripe for some rust methinks!

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