Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Tower of Xereus


"Now, unbeknownst to many of the peoples of Ulthuan,The Purple Sons of Xereus have a tower of their own. Although not as famous a tower as the great Tower of Hoeth in Saphery, and despite a dwindling population, the citizens of the land around the famed monument of Xereus still heed the call of the resident mage in times of peril."

At the suggestion of Elessehta of Yvresse over on, (an excellent site for all things High Elven) and seconded by Talifan, tonight I went ahead and gave the Battlefield in a Box Elven Tower a make over to match my High Elf army colours. (Naturally, work started after consulting with the leaders of The Purple Sons of Xereus - my two kids - and getting their permission!)

Results below!

The Tower of Xereus.
The Tower in its original Battlefield in a Box colours
Base of tower (Door and gem detail)
Base of Tower (gem detail)
Balcony and upper tower (detail)

The whole makeover took around a couple of hours. It included:
1.) Changing each gem (window?) from red to green. (To be exact, Snot Green with Dark Angels Green at top, Skull White/ Snot Green mix at bottom, and a dot of Skull White) 

2.) Changing the entire roof to my purple army colours. (Liche Purple, Devlan Mud wash, 2-3 drybrushes with progressively lighter shades of Warlock Purple.)

3.) Detailing the gem (window?) edges with Shining Gold.

4.) Edge highlights on door frames, handles etc. (Mithril Silver)

I think it was worth it though!

Thanks again to Elessehta of Yvresse for the idea!


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