Tuesday, June 12, 2012

High Elf Battle Standard Bearer - done!


An army battle standard needs to be big. Really big.
Hey everyone, been working on adding a High Elf Battle Standard Bearer to The Purple Sons. I think he is ready to join up so here are a couple of pictures. (Not good ones. These were taken at night and then I messed around with them in Picasa.)

It took a few nights to finish this BSB. As you can imagine, there were two things that took a long time.

1. Skull White layers.

I have nearly finished my pot of Skull White, so it looks as though I will be coming into the new Ceramite White soon (if my wife is reading this, it is Father's Day in Japan this coming weekend hint, hint). Sadly, that won't be in time to help reduce the time it took to do these layers of white (don't ask me how many I did. I lost count midway through the process!)

2. Banner details and highlights.

Having collected mainly Skaven I have never had a BSB where the army heraldry was moulded into the standard before. 
On the one hand, it is a really nice design (credit to the scuptor - sorry I don't know their name), on the other, it is pretty complicated to paint AND it is different from the rest of my army.
Now of course, with a bit of work I could replace this banner with a generic one without a design, so I am just being lazy.

It is a shame the colours in the photos suck, because the eagle at the top of the banner actually turned out much brighter than this. I used a Calthan Brown/ Shining Gold mix as the base and a Devlan Mud wash, followed by pure Shining Gold highlights.

A Noble with Battle Standard - that's another 110 points added to The Purple Sons right there!




  1. A superb job on that figure, love the gold and the white (and I feel your pain on the layers upon layers of white - Ceramite does help a little, down to just 4 layers now).

    I must finish my HE BSB too, but he'll just have to wait for the Warp Lightning Cannon to be assembled by my Skyre slaves...

    1. Thanks mate!
      It is good that Ceramite White will help, but...still FOUR layers?

      Whip those slaves into shape so we can see your HE BSB!

  2. 4 layers is better than the 7 - 8 it used to take me so yes.

    Skaven slaves are being well whipped as I type this, so the survivors should have the WLC completed next week.

    1. Well, if it cuts down the time spent on layers of white by around 50% that sounds like an improvement to me!
      You only WHIP your Skaven slaves? What kind of productivity do you expect by being so kind?? You'll be actually feeding them next...


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