Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Gutter Runners Join the Ranks...


Just a quick post today to follow-up on the Night Runner/ Gutter Runner painting guide I posted the other day...

...pics have now been added to my Warlord Clan Page.

So, what's next?

  1. My first Plagueclaw Catapult? (At least one of my likely opponents is a High-Elf player...)
  2. A second Warplightning Cannon?
  3. A small unit of Storm Vermin? (x20)
In a way I want to avoid the StormVermin until I can afford to get another 20 or so. I'm not sure just having my current 20 on the field will be much use...

...what do you other Warlords think?




  1. hey man!! in my opinion stormvermins r cool... as a mini.. but im not sure they´r worth the points in the battlefield...Spending the points on clanrats might be better i think ( im saying this based on my last battle xperience...)

  2. I've yet to really use the catapult. I should, but I just haven't.

    Two WLCs are great, but kharma dictates you'll misfire with them _even_more_. It'll drive you nuts.

    I always run 20 Stormvermin. ALWAYS. Reasons for this:

    - You want a small unit of core to put in the Watchtower if it comes up. These guys are your best option for that.
    - They're a good base to stick a Warlord + War Litter in.
    - Most importantly: Storm Banner. You want your BSB to take magic armor ('cause keeping him alive is really, really important), which keeps him from taking the SB. That means you need a unit to take it: Plague Monks (and you want them to take the Plague Banner) or Storm Vermin.

  3. plague monks seem a much better option for spending points to me.. but then again im not really a gaming expert so...

  4. I think the Plague catapult would be a great addition to your army, especially if you were to battle High eleves (or all elves for that matter).

    My personal suggestion for a good stormvermin force would be 30~40 miniatures. I tend to paint these awesome figures per 5 though, and also only have a box of 20. (I'll just buy a new box when I run out)

    The detail on these miniatures is stunning! They look incredibly awesome. But since a very large section of the stormvermin is metal plates and a bit of cloth, I don't think you willl spend a lot more hours on these than your regular clanrat.


  5. @Rushputin - great advice! I hadn't thought of that at this point (with almost no games under my belt!)

    @Dancingplatypus - I hear you about having some more PMs on the team. I don't actually have a lot right now and I still have another 20 or so undercoated and waiting for paint...but I think I WANT to paint SV or a PCC more! ;-)

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. I've always used paired Warp Lightning cannons to cover any shot with a guaranteed kill but all of those choices are great. The PCC is a difficult sell on half of the armies I face now since 8th promotes hordes such and most army's horde units are low armor leading to 10 better things to kill them, the only place my PCC shines anymore is WoC and VC - which are two of the top tier armies out there.

  7. I don't know how your group feels about using special chars., but if you use Queek and purchase the upgrade for your storm vermin. It really is worth it and makes them a very killy unit.

  8. @Dyslexicon:
    Thanks for the advice about paired cannons. I have heard that lots of people do this to increase their chances of a kill as you mention. I'm thinking of how I can assemble my PCC so it can still easily be broken down into a WLC too...
    @Anonymous: I don't think my group has really used special characters to date, but there is no harm in finding out! (or at least asking)! I'm wondering if 20 is still enough though, even with Queek, or whether 40 is the minimum...
    Any ideas?
    Thanks for the input both!

  9. Hey man! ..yeah the whool one was a bit crappy.. this one is much better...
    i used a round toothpick as a bese and then started biulding the fire with greenstuff... i my modelling tools r not very good but basically, after having the leave-shape of the flame done, i started making stripes to it so it gets the pointy details.And for a more interesting look , before he green stuff hardens i twisted the flame so it loos more three-dimensional :)

  10. @dancing platypuss - thanks for the info on how to do warpfire! I have to say that my few attempts with greenstuff were a disaster...(I tried to make some cloaks for my Gutter Runners...) but I might try again!
    (If anyone is wondering what we are talking about, take a look at this page: http://lamazmorraconvistas.blogspot.com/2011/09/better-try-on-fire.html )

  11. yeah working with green stuff is hard.. but since i do want to start modelling i thought it was a goodo idea trying a better fire on that one.. fire is chaotic enough to look good rather easily


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