Thursday, March 24, 2011

First battle me build my list!


"Your paint-fu is improving Grasshopper.
Now...prepare to go to WAR!"

Well, if everything goes according to plan I may actually get my very first game of WFB in this weekend here in Tokyo. In preparation for that I would love to get some help from anyone reading this about what models I should take from my army (probably ALL of them as it isn't very big at the moment...)

You can see the current state of my army on my Warlord Clan Page

So, what kind of army do I think I need? Well, at the moment I can't tell you as I don't know my opponents army. What I DO know is that if possible I should bring a minimum of 2,000 pts, and if possible 2,500. I know that not knowing the opponent's forces may make it difficult to get help from you all, but I hope you may be able to help me with a well rounded list.

I do know I could do with more strength in several areas of my existing army:
- Screaming Bell.
- More Rat Ogres.
- More Slaves.
- Gutter Runners.
and although I do actually have all those models, let's assume I won't be able to get any more minis painted up by Sunday. As we will be playing at a GW store in Tokyo, I believe you are not allowed to field unpainted  (or just undercoated) forces so literally, what you see on my army page is what we have to play around with.

Any and all help would be appreciated, especially when it comes to equipment for characters etc. I'm perfectly happy to run a "Vanilla" list (what choice do I have?) as this will help me get to grips with the core units in a Skaven army. If it is any help, I'm playing against a friend of mine who knows this is my first game, so it will be low-key and I wouldn't expect him to bring anything really hard-core (and he will expect the same from me.)

So, if you have a moment please pile in with your advice (or evil laughter at my impending doom if you wish) in the comments below. When the fog of war (and paralysis caused by Warpstone fumes) clears after the weekend I hope to post my first battle report...

...and so, to WAR!



EDIT: My opponent, true gentleman that he is, has let me know what he intends to bring to the party. Orcs and Gobbo's... a 2,000 point general list with a little bit of everything.

O&G List - 2000 points

Lords (Max 25%) - 298
Orc Warboss: Wyvern, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade, Light Armor (LA), Luckstone   298

Heroes (max 25%) - 212
Orc Shaman: Level 2, Hand Weapon, Dispel Scroll    125
Orc Big Boss BSB: BSB (Battle Standard Bearer), Hand Weapon, LA, Shield, Ironcurse Icon 87

Core (Min 25%) - 630
Orc Arrer Boys x 20: Bows, hand weapon, LA  140
Orc Boys x 30: Full Command, Hand Weapon, LA, Shield 245
Night Goblins x 20: Short Bows, 2 Fanatics   110
Wolf Riders x 5: Spears, Shield, LA, Short Bows, Hand Weapon 65
Spider RIders x 5: Spears, Shield, Short Bows 70

Special (Max 50%) - 575
Black Orcs x 20: Pile O'weapons, Heavy Armor, Shields, Full Command    295
Orc Boar Chariot : Scythed wheels 85
Snotlings x 3: Exploding Spores   90
Trolls x 3: Fear, Regen, Stupid, Vomit    105

Rare (Max 25%) - 285
Giant      200
Rock Lobber 85
Any advice from you Skaven warlords out there?
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