Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skaven Warlord Image Gallery


Just a quick update today on perhaps the most important addition(s) to my growing Skaven army:
  • x2 Island of Blood Warlords.
  • x1 Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer conversion. 
I managed to complete these three models over the last couple of days in anticipation of my first game of WFB this coming Saturday. Why are they so important? Well, knowledgeable players (not me) seem to generally agree that the Warlord is absolutely key because of his leadership. Now, LD 7 may not sound that impressive, but when the rest of your army has some of the worst leadership scores in the game this becomes important!

Here are some pictures of the Warlord and a bit more information for each model. I'll try to add a step-by-step painting guide in the next week or so...

Skaven Warlord 1
This is the "Tooled-up" Warlord. By this I mean he has his back banner. I had two warlords from buying two Island of Blood sets so I decided to see what the Warlord would look like with and without the enormous back-banner the model has. (You can see the same Warlord model without the back-banner further down the page.)

I was happy to have this chance because as a rule I am not a huge fan of enormous back-banners like this so I wanted to compare the two models side-by-side. I can only imagine that this thing would really just get in the way! (Yes, I know WFB isn't "Real life" so it doesn't matter and I'm aware of the "Sashimono" back-banners that Japanese warriors would wear, but still they Skaven banners just feel too unwieldy.)
I added some Skaven glyphs to the banner to give it a bit more "Skaven-ness"

On most of my rank-and-file troops I tend to use Devlan Mud for the whole model just because it is so simple and a real time-saver.For this guy I have used some other washes for (I think) a better effect overall. (Thraka Green on the Warpstone flames, Ogryn Flesh on the skin, Gryphonne Sepia on the ropes.)

Here is a close-up. It is a bit difficult to make out, but I used an Ice Blue wash on some of the spikes and other brass parts too to help make the brass metals look a bit dirty and add a patina of age.

Skaven Warlord 2
I used exactly the same colour scheme but simply removed the back-banner after assembly.

All comments and feedback welcome!


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