Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skaven Tactica and Resources at Games Workshop..


If you are a new Skaven Warlord (like me) you will often find useful articles lurking around the Games Workshop website. Even if you only get a tip or two or an idea for how you want to paint your next Clanrat unit or pointers for your next list these are still a useful read (IMHO).

This month (Feb 2011) has seen the Great Horned Rat favor his children (us) with new models AND several articles on the GW site that will be of interest. Here is a quick round-up of some of the more interesting articles from the last month or two. (Let me know if I have missed any...) Below these I include a couple of older articles that may also be of interest.

Skaven: Warmachine Tactica
(Includes Warp Lighting Cannon, Plague Claw Catapult and Doomwheel.)
Hell Pit Abomination feature
(a couple of interesting paint schemes.)
Skaven: The Ravenous Hordes - Sample Armies
Skaven: Magic Tactica

Skaven: Hell Pit Abomination Focus
Skaven: Painting the Hell Pit Abomination 
Skaven: Painting
(3-step painting guides and specific painting guides for a couple of interesting Clans)

Jeremy Vetok Talks Skaven; Your Skaven Models

OTHER: (Older)
Skaven Banners PDF (to download and print)
Skaven: Getting Started (an introduction to the Children of the Horned Rat...)
Skaven: Tactica (Short article by Jeremy Vetok)
Skaven Doomwheel Stage-by-Stage (Painting and Assembly)
Skaven Doomwheel Focus
Skaven Screaming Bell Focus
Skaven Screaming Bell Stage-by-Stage (Painting and Assembly)
Skaven: Art of the Under Empire and Wallpaper Download

Hope this is useful!

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