Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skaven Army Update: January 2011


Here we are, January 2011, with lots of Skaven left to paint! I thought I would take a few moments to look at how far I have come along with this army since April 24th 2010, the date my first box of Skaven arrived, including a Skaven Battalion.

So where are we now?

The boxes arrive. April 24th 2010. Little did I know...

...that I would have so much painting to do!
The original order - assembled.

Grey Seer.

Warlord (with back-banner.)

Chieftain (Battle Standard Bearer)

Chieftain (detail)

"Tetanus" Tweak Vilekin - Warlock Engineer.

 Creak "Boom Boom" Vilekin - Warlock Engineer
(and Tweak's twin...)

Clanrat Unit 1 (x40)

Clanrat Unit 2 (x40)

Skaven Slave Unit 1 (x30) -another 30 underway...
...and yeah, the bases aren't finished!

Warpfire Thrower and Poisoned Wind Mortar crews.

Warpfire Thrower Team 2.

Giant Rats x12 with Pack Master.
x2 Ratswarms (2 bases each.)

Rat Ogres x2 (With Packmasters)

Plague Priest

Plague Monks (x30)

Warplock Jezzails (x1 team)

Warp Lightning Cannon x1

Doomwheel x1

Put that all together and there is probably around 2,000 points of Skaven (if adding in equipment choices, magic items etc.)

Still to do...
x1 Plague Furnace/ Doom Bell and Grey Seer
x1 Clanrat unit (x40, Island of Blood)
x1 Skaven Slaves unit (x30)
x1 Stormvermin Unit (x20)
More Rat Ogres (x4, Island of Blood)
x1 Plague Monk Unit (x20)
Plague Censer Bearers (x10 converted plastic Plague Monk models)

...and I still have to put up a step-by-step guide for the Warlord.
(Sigh) as the man things say:




  1. Looking kickass =D

    I have been looking at your painting tutorials and they have helped a lot. Just started back to the hobby with my girlfriend. Skaven seemed like a sneaky choice, before I played 40k Iron Warriors so wanted to play fantasy for a change.

    But yeah going to hopefully start bloggin my own army...altho my blog will be filled with more drawings of skaven than painting xD if you want to follow my own ratty progress then that would be great!


  2. Thanks Xenus13!
    Sounds as though you chose Skaven for reasons similar to mine. I'm a Tau player in 40K. Tau are totally NOT a horde army, so Skaven seemed like a good choice - different tactics, different painting challenge and DEFINITELY some of the coolest models in the game!
    (And very cool black humour too...)
    I am happy to link to your blog. When you start up please post again with the link!
    Also, very glad that the tutorials have been helpful. I don't call them "Tutorials" because I am no great painter!!! ...but they are one reason that I started the blog so I am glad you are finding them useful.
    Good luck with your painting AND your blog.


  3. man, you have such cool painted skaven. I wish you luck with them!

  4. @steam,
    Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate the compliments - make me want to try even harder!

  5. AWESOME army! Great paint-jobs, just to look at them inspires me to paint my own Skaven horde further. Thank you for sharing! :)

  6. Hi Kronos,
    "Thank you for sharing!"
    and thank YOU for the compliment - it inspires me to keep painting and try harder. Good luck with your horde - may the Great Horned Rat bless you in battle!

  7. yeah the new models look great, for some reason I really love the Skweel Gnawtooth model xD (new for me cuz i havnt seen any updated skaven models for years) but yeah, started my blog with a few clanrat pics. Resolution isn't great, my gf took them on her phone but will upload some better res pics when I can.

    hope you like =]


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