Sunday, August 8, 2010

Incoming- Skaven Doomwheel!


Hail fellow Warlords, Chieftains and commanders.

I, Squeek Vermintide, am now returned from the Island of Britannia and will now continue to gather my forces before leading them to the surface against all enemies of the Great Horned Rat here in the land of the rising sun... that end (and thanks to the excellent exchange rate) I was able to negotiate an excellent deal with the local Clan Skryre sales rats on a new Doomwheel.

Yes, YES, you heard me - a DOOMWHEEL!

Look upon this weapon of greatness and despair...

(image from

I pity the man-fool who opposes me now!

So far my rodent - powered, warpstone-enabled weapon of rolling death remains in its crate, awaiting assembly and painting. However, I know it will quickly move to the top of my project list - and then onto the battlefield, sure to scare my opponents (as well as any of my own forces stationed near it too...)

So sstay tuned for my Doomwheel painting log...

All Hail the Great Horned One!

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