Sunday, July 25, 2010

New "Island of Blood" Boxed Set information...



New information on the Warhammer "Island of Blood" boxed set has arrived! First, a box-shot...

According to the "What's New Today" post over at the new set includes two armies: the awesome Skaven (Yeesssssssssssssss) and the whiter-than-white High Elves. Other details in the post reveal that:

The High Elf command includes:
  1. An Elven Prince riding a Griffon.
  2. An Elf-Mage
The Skaven army includes:
  1. x2 Rat Ogres
  2. A Skaven Warlord
As well as everything needed to get started, (Rulebook, templates and dice etc.) there are a total of 74 miniatures in the set.

On first reading all this I was a little disappointed that the High Elves get a model as cool as a Griffon, while the Skaven "only" seem to get a couple of Rat-Ogres and a Warlord (model types that I already have).
BUT if you take a closer look at the images on the post linked to above it looks as though there are one or two interesting Skaven models and a couple of sprues that have warpstone prods or suitably Skaven-looking equipment.
Here is the image...

Poisoned-wind mortars? Globadiers?
Not having great eyesight myself (age? partial blindness caused by Plague Monk fumes?) I can't tell but would love to hear from anyone who has more info.

Right, I'm off to make a quick prayer to the Great Horned One that at least the the Rat-Ogres and Warlord will be new sculpts...
...and that I remember to place my advance order on August 8th! (not unlikely, considering the frequency with which I get emails from GW about new items to buy...)


EDIT: Information and pics on BOLS show that YES, these are new (and in some cases great-looking) sculpts and that (even better) the following Skaven units are also included (in addition to those above).

40 Clanrats.
Poisoned Wind Mortar.
Warpfire Thrower.

* Rubs paws with glee!*


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