Thursday, July 15, 2010

Warhammer 8th Edition arrives...

Many warptokens were spent, enemies despatched, and postrats interrogated, but the mighty tome has arrived...

 ...and wow, this is a beautiful book!

The image above (from the Games Workshop website) doesn't give you any indication of the size of this monster or of the overall quality, which feels far and away superior to the previous edition. Although I haven't had time to read it cover to cover, the following immediately struck me:
  • Paper quality is very good.
  • The extent and vibrancy of the colour images used throughout really adds to the impression of "value" one gets when holding the book.
  • The amount of gaming and painting related content seems to have been increased a great deal and you could spend hours and hours just reviewing the images of some of the best painted figures!
  • The sections on playing the game feel much more enjoyable to dig into with the full colour examples of movement etc. provided.
Naturally, this is all really great, and it feels well worth what I paid for it (although those of my minions who lost their lives to provide me with it may not agree) but there are a couple of things that make the fur on the back of my neck stand up...
a.) It is really heavy (of course) so humping it around in my war-litter is going to add some strain on my litter-bearers. (Not that I care of course...)
b.) It is going to be very unwieldy to use for a new player like me at the gaming table - even with the full index and summary tables at the back.

These aren't complaints - just observations - more than made up for by the quality of the book itself!

Two things left to say:
1. The quality is so good that if I had the funds, I might even consider trying to lay my paws on a Collector's Edition. My agents tell me that there are some on the scavenge pile (although at outrageous prices - 400 to 600 of your man-thing monies...). Perhaps I should send an assassin?

2. I'll definitely invest in the new Island of Blood boxed set when it comes out to get a smaller, more portable rulebook (especially if, as rumoured, one of the armies in the set is Skaven!)

Now..there is much studyings to be done...begone with you!


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