Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Island of Blood release date for Japan!


Reinforssments are on the way to the island!

A release date and a price have been set on the Games Workshop Japan website for the Island of Blood boxed set.

(Page image from Games Workshop Japan)
In a particularly nice touch on their site, clicking on the image allows you to use a magnifying glass to zoom in on the specific models that are contained in the set.

According to the site, pre-orders started today, August 10th 2010, but actual sales start on September 4th. The set will cost 13,500 Yen.

Now, before anyone asks, YES, that is (at today's exchange rate of 135 Yen to the Pound on www.xe.com39.00 Great British Pounds more than the UK retail price of 60 GBP...


(What's that? You don't read Japanese or want more information in English? Then you can find everything here at the main Games Workshop website. )

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